Happy World Fairtrade Day 2013!

Celebrated on the second Saturday of May each year, World Fair Trade Day aims to promote global awareness of fair trade. We thought we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you more about our fabulous Fairtrade jewellery at our Braintree Hemp Store in Camden, London.

Fairtrade Jewellery

The Braintree Hemp Store jewellery range includes necklaces, chunky rings, bracelets, beads, and keyrings in a rainbow of bright, vibrant colours.

The jewellery is mostly made from Tagua which is a nut grown in South America and is often referred to as the “Vegetable Ivory”. The Tagua is considered an ecologically safe, supportive and friendly product as they use only the natural fallen Tagua nuts with no harm to palm trees.

The jewellery is fashioned by hand from the raw Tagua into the vibrant, beautifully made jewellery that you see in the Braintree Hemp Store now. The jewellery is created by women from Ecuador who have crafted this tribal style jewellery for generations. The work can be done in their own time and is a great source of independence and income to lots of communities.

Fairtrade Jewellery

We buy our jewellery from a likeminded fair trade company who follow the guidelines set out by the Fair-trade Foundation. For a break down, Fair Trade guidelines put simply are…

·         Creating economic opportunities for disadvantaged producers

·         Transparency and accountability

·         Paying a fair price

·         Promoting Fair Trade

·         Good working conditions

·         No child labour

·         Respect to the environment

Fairtrade Jewellery

These are the guidelines that all of us here at Braintree hold dear and use in all of our work commitments. While we are not classified as Fair Trade we put into practice the guidelines of Fair Trade in all our business processes and have formed fantastic relationships with our suppliers. These are the IFAT standards for Fair Trade put very simply and if you would like more information on them here are some great reference sites…



If you’d like to know more about our jewellery, please contact us.

With Love