Another new face! Say hello to Vicky, the writer behind The Owl and Accordion. We sat down with her for a cup of tea and a quick chat. Here’s what happened…

Vicky: Our new BThoughtful lifestyle blog contributor

Hi Vicky, great to have you on #BTHOUGHTFUL. Would you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I’m Vicky. I write the craft and lifestyle blog The Owl and Accordion, and also work as a freelance writer and maker. I spend my days dreaming up new crochet patterns, DIY tutorials and homeware hacks.

I live in Hampshire, on the South Coast of the UK with my husband and two children; we’re really lucky to live where we do, as it’s surrounded by towns, villages, the countryside and some beautiful beaches. When I’m not working, I love roaming about the woods and the beaches with my family, getting stuck into a good book or gardening.

Our new BThoughtful lifestyle blog contributor

And how would you describe your blog?

The Owl and the Accordion is a pretty varied mix of crafts, interiors, nature and outdoor adventures – it’s pretty much a log of everything I’m interested in and passionate about.

I also like to profile small businesses and showcase artists and makers; I’m a huge advocate of shopping locally and independently wherever possible.

Vicky: Our new BThoughtful lifestyle blog contributor

What does living thoughtfully mean to you?

Living thoughtfully is about considering what kind of consequence your actions are going to have; from personal relationships to the environment, it’s about thinking what kind of impact you might make.

Vicky: Our new BThoughtful lifestyle blog contributor

Why did you get into blogging, and what about it is it you love?

I started back in around 2011 after learning to crochet, and it was originally supposed to be somewhere that I could record my craft projects.

As the years have passed, my tastes have changed and my blog’s evolved into so much more; it’s become a place I can write about things that matter to me, somewhere I can test out ideas, and join in with the blogging community. I love everything about blogging; from learning how to improve my photography, to making loads of new friends. I’d advise anyone to have a go!

Vicky: Our new BThoughtful lifestyle blog contributor

What can our readers look forward to from you?

I’m going to be coming up with some great upcycling and craft projects; anything from super-easy homewares to quick clothing hacks. They’ll all be simple, fun and affordable.

Vicky: Our new BThoughtful lifestyle blog contributor

Want to see Vicky’s first tutorial? It’s this beautiful handmade hanging planter. Share some snaps with us if you try it – we’d love to see!