Have you tried making your own organic beauty recipes yet? It’s Organic Beauty Week this week so now’s certainly a good time to give it a go.

I’m always trying out new homemade scrubs, creams and more so the team asked me to round-up my favourite ones for every skin type. The best thing about every one of these (in fact, every beauty remedy I make) is that they are completely natural – no nasty chemicals, just lots of good-for-you stuff. And, if you have a look in your cupboards at home, you’ve probably already got what you need to make some of these. Here they are…


For normal to sensitive skin:

Cucumber Cooling Cream

DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

Super-soothing, this easy-to-make cream’s great for every skin type, but especially good for sensitive skin. I made it with aloe vera – known for its natural antioxidant and healing properties. Get the recipe here.


For normal to dry skin:

Lavender & Coconut Bath Salt

DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

I love using this one as the seasons change and the nights draw in. (It’s the perfect excuse for a long, soothing soak in the bath!). The lavender in this recipe will really help you drift off, too. Get the recipe here.


For oily-combination skin:

Honey & Lemon Green Tea Face Wash

DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

Like aloe vera, green tea is also loaded with natural antioxidants – and works just as well n beauty recipes as it does in a cup!

The sugar in this face wash means it’s a natural, yet gentle, exfoliator. Honey moisturises your skin, while the green tea can help reduce any redness, too. Get the recipe here.


If you have tried-and-tested homemade organic beauty recipes of your own, do let us know. We’d love to hear about what works for you.

Organic beauty recipes for skin types by Jo