I’m often scratching my head when it comes to films to watch and regularly end up hitting play, hoping my risky choice is a ‘good one’. Hopefully this round-up of thoughtful films will help you avoid that moment – with a few suggestions from myself and Jo on what to watch whether you’ve half an hour or a whole evening free.


Short films to pause for thought over

Thoughtful Films And Documentaries To Watch


What happens to clothes when they’re no longer wanted? They vanish from us… but they must go somewhere. Filmmaker Megha Gupta digs into this thought in her short film, following the journey of discarded clothing to India. You can watch it here.


Thoughtful Films And Documentaries To Watch

Fair Play & Fair Trade

See inside a fair trade factory, discover what a day in the life is like of a mother working there, and find out some of many reasons why it’s so important to support fair trade manufacture. Patagonia’s mini movie is beautifully poignant. Watch it here.


What to watch when you’ve more time

Thoughtful Films And Documentaries To Watch

Before The Flood

This thought-provoking documentary is the collective work of a group of directors, filmmakers and philanthropists including Leonardo Di Caprio; who’s well-known for his support against climate change.

The film follows Di Caprio as he sees first-hand the destruction to forests, pollution to sea and city life, and damage greenhouse gasses are having on the natural world.

The film aims to raise awareness of this damage and to provoke and contribute to its debate. You’ll need to head to cinema for this one – it’s UK release is scheduled for 21st October. Watch the trailer here.


Thoughtful Films And Documentaries To Watch

The Fundamentals Of Caring

Jo recommends watching The Fundamentals of Caring. It’s a heartfelt, uplifting and very funny story about the blossoming relationship between and a teenager with muscular dystrophy and his care-giver who’s a retired writer. You can watch this one on the sofa – it’s on Netflix.


Looking for something else to do? Try a bit of culture: we’ve made some suggestions on exhibitions, walks, and another film for you here.

Thoughtful Films And Documentaries By Braintree's Clare