Summer is in full swing and although we all plan on spending time in the sun and enjoying the great outdoors, it’s important for us to keep up our beauty regimes to retain the moisture in our hair, skin, lips etc. that the sun will ultimately dry out if we don’t. So, here is a natural beauty DIY round-up of our best organic beauty tips that will help keep you feeling fresh during those hot summer months…

Natural Beauty DIY

Christina’s Natural Beauty DIY Round Up

Natural After Sun Spray

For those times when you’re enjoying the sun just a little bit too much to move into the shade, we’ve come up with a wonderful natural home remedy that works really well to re-hydrate your skin. With the main ingredients of lavender and mint, this handy after sun spray is very easy to make and perfect for slipping into your bag if you’re out and about all day.

Natural Beauty DIY

Natural Hair Serum Recipe

Keep your hair shining while the sun does the same, with our homemade hair serum made from all natural ingredients. Only a few components are needed to revitalise the feel of your hair, while at the same time providing frizz control which leaves your hair smelling great.

Natural Beauty DIY

Natural Insect Repellent

Mosquito ‘finito’! Keep away that pesky summer wildlife by using this DIY insect repellent that you can make within the comfort of your own home- and the comfort of knowing no harmful chemicals are involved.

Natural Beauty DIY

Organic Foot Scrub

Your feet have probably been hibernating in cosy, fluffy socks all winter, so time to get them summer ready with our easy to make salt and sugar organic foot scrub. Using ingredients from your kitchen cupboards, make your feet silky smooth again.

Natural Beauty DIY

Summer Face Mask

If your face has been sun kissed so far this summer, why not try our three varieties of face mask to rejuvenate your skin if it’s left feeling dry. Consisting of a cucumber mask, a strawberry and honey mask and a green tea mask- you’ve been spoilt for choice!

Hopefully all these natural beauty recipes will keep you feeling clear and bright (like the weather) to maintain that summer glow!

Natural Beauty DIY

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