Here at Thought, the natural world is never far from our inspiration. And our new Nature’s Poet collection looks to the poets, artists and writers who have shared our appreciation of the British countryside. Poems of the early 19th century Romantic Movement play a key part in inspiring this collection’s mood and our unique prints. In particular, William Wordsworth’s famous poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. To celebrate the launch of this collection, we invited you to get creative and craft a short poem of your own, about nature. And we couldn’t believe the response we got. Over to our guest judge, Kim Moore, to reveal the poetry competition winners.

poetry competition winners

poetry competition winners

Spring Words: Poetry Competition Winners

The process of judging a poetry competition is always exciting.  It feels like each poem is a window into a life.  These poems were four lines or less, so the window felt more like a porthole, but the poems that really stood out were those that used the small space available to expand outwards and say something extraordinary.  Looking back at my shortlist, the poems I’ve chosen are about nature but they are also about our connection with it, a way of feeling and seeing nature that begins in the body.  Congratulations to the winner and the shortlisted poets, and commiserations if your poem wasn’t chosen on this occasion.


Spring Words Winner

Written On The Fourth Month, by Baiba Sustere

As petals open

I look myself in the eye

and blossom

poetry competition winners

poetry competition winners


Jacarandas, by Tammy Hermann

I’d forgotten about the Jacarandas

Woken from their Winter sleeping

Avenues of majesty

Tears of purple petals weeping


Unapologetic, by Emily Moya

It is strange, the sense of peace I feel

After a day in the hot belly of the city

To see a daffodil peering up at me

Through the messy undergrowth, unapologetic.


Spring Brings Hope, by Ann Grant

My spine, broken tree,

Snow fall makes my body seize

but here’s a Snowdrop.


poetry competition winners

Thank you Kim! A huge congratulations to Baiba, our winner, and Tammy, Emily and Ann our runners up. And thank you to everyone else that put pen to paper and entered this competition, we loved reading your creations.

Hannah Poetry Competition Winners

Missed out on this competition? Feel free to share your own poem in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

You can learn more about our Nature’s Poet collection here.