Wedding season is upon us and with that, the influx of seasonal purchasing has begun. But how do you attend potentially wasteful weddings as a eco-minded guest?

Obviously, the last thing we would want to do is shame the bride and groom for their choices after they’ve been made. But if you aren’t in the position to help the happy couple make more ethical choices, there are still steps you can take and encourage other guests to take to lessen the big day’s environmental impact.

Keep reading to discover our guide to being the best eco wedding guest!

Reuse your glass

The simple act of holding onto your glass and refilling when you want another drink stops additional washing up. Saving water, using less cleaning products and the wait staff will thank you! 

Ethical outfit

Wear sustainable fabrics / rewear your outfit. 

With the rise of social media blasting photos of our , the temptation to buy a new outfit for every wedding or event is becoming harder to fight. Instead, opt for timeless classics that you can rework for each occasion.

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Bring an eco-friendly present

A good way to make a lasting impact with the newlyweds is by gifting an eco-friendly present. Bicycles, organic subscription boxes or adopting an animal are great gifts that the happy couple will love.

Recyclable wrapping paper

Don’t forget to wrap you’re gift in the best paper possible, that is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable. 

We love Wrapped by Alice’s brown wrapping paper is great for wedding gifts. You can also save and reuse wrapping paper or tissue paper from gifts you’ve received, just remember to cover the original recipient’s name!

Eco beauty

Weddings are a great opportunity to look good and feel good, so there is no shame in using extra products you wouldn’t use on a regular basis. Just make sure when using potentially harmful products like hairspray, you choose an ecofriendly brand like Suncoat.

DIY accessories

Making your own accessories is a fun activity in the lead up to the big day, as well as a great way to save money and be more creative with you wedding guest look. 

We love this how to guide from Southern Living to DIY your own fascinator. 


Hiring a coach or carpooling with other guests massively reduces the amount of vehicle emissions from guests. Or go one step better and find out what public transport can get you there, no designated driver needed! 

Take a weekend

If abroad, take a train/boat instead a plane. Travel like environmental icon Gretha Thunberg’s by booking a sleeper train around Europe. Making the journey more of a fun trip and less of a annoying necessity by stopping off in your favourite cities along the way.

Veggie options

Choosing a veggie option – even if you are a meat eater is great way to help the environment and also save the bride and groom some money.

Biodegradable confetti

Buying or making biodegradable confetti, or dried wildflowers makes sure those precious moments aren’t tainted by litter that will damage the lovely environment which the couple likely chose because of its natural beauty! 

Have you been an ethical wedding guest. Share your top tips and experiences with us in the comments…