White clothing is one of our favourite summer staples, effortlessly chic and understatedly bold. However, for the clumsy amongst us (including myself), wearing white comes with a plethora of potential stain-inducing situations. Keep reading to find out our top tips for keeping your white whiter than white…

  1. Spotting stains as soon as they happen. If you’re out and about, purchase a spot clean stick. We love the Ecover Stain Remover to deal with any spillages.

2. Always wash whites separately from coloured (even light coloured) garments. An extra precaution to make sure your wash is eco-friendly is to use a GUPPYFRIEND bag to stop microplastics entering the ocean.

3. Blanc Living is an eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning service. If your whites are super sensitive or delicate, go with the ethical professionals! Not in London? Ask your local dry-cleaner to introduce eco-friendly products into their service.

4. Pick your detergent carefully; obviously we would advise you choose the most eco-friendly products possible, but also aim for specialist products made specifically for white clothing or delicate items. The Laundress products are also a great ethical alternative to bleach-based products. According to The Laundress, 90% of items labeled ‘dry clean only’ are actually washable at home – with the right products! Make sure you always follow the instructions on the bottle, as over or under dosing your wash can cause your whites to turn grey over time.

5. Limit your load – A drum full of clothes is great for efficiency but limiting the items in a load will give each item more of a chance to get much wash attention. Choosing a washing machine with an eco-wash option will waste less water to balance out your less-congested wash.

Do you have a go-to tip for washing whites? Let us join in the comments…

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