You might have noticed; it’s really hot right now!

Your immediate instinct might be to grab the nearest air conditioning unit and sit in front of it with a giant bowl of ice cream, but is that the most ethical method to stay cool?

How do you remain sustainable in a heatwave without melting into a puddle? We did a whip round the Thought office to find out how our team stays cool…


  1. Put a wet sheet over open window as a way to cool the air coming into a room.
  2. Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan to create a lower energy air conditioning unit. Make sure you reuse/refreeze the water after the ice has melted to save water!
  3. Instead of leaving an electric fan running all night, put a full hot water bottle in the freezer for a few hours to freeze. Once frozen, wrap in a towel or pillowcase and place in your bed.
  4. Cool down your body by freezing wet sweatbands and putting them around your wrists. You can also do this for your legs but a chilled travel bottle is better, freeze and put it between your thighs to hit your major artery in your leg.
  5. Take an icy, almost uncomfortably cold shower before bed, and if you’re luckily enough to not have naturally frizzy hair going to bed with wet hair is a great way to stay cool throughout the night.
  6. More of a long term strategy – but making sure your mattress isn’t made from synthetic materials like memory foam is really helpful. Synthetic materials are not only bad for the environment in general but also retain a lot of heat, making for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.
  7. Wearing natural fabrics to regulate your temperature is one of the best things you can do during a heatwave. Wearing non-natural fabrics like polyester traps the heat and stops it from leaving your body when it’s trying to cool down. Fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton are the best way to relieve your body of excess heat.
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8. Try to avoid hot appliances. Staying away from items like laptops can make sure the immediate space around you is generating the least heat possible.

9. Opening less windows but opening opposite facing ones strategically is a great way to create an inside breeze. This is more effective than having random windows open all at once.

10. Something we’ve been doing in the office this week: pour a bit of cold water on your scalp and wet the roots of your hair can cool down your entire head and make any breeze more impactful on your overall body temperature.

What are your go-to warm weather tips? Share in the comments!