The best things in life are free, especially when you’ve spent a brisk day hunting for woodland treasures. Want to try out this lost art? Keep reading for our advice on what to look for and what to do with your findings…

What to look for:

Disclaimer: We do not take responsibility for anyone who accidentally poisons themselves. ALWAYS make sure you know what you are eating!

Another rule of foraging is to make sure you have permission from the landowner. Alternatively, the National Woodland Trust allows foraging for personal use as long as you forage by their sustainable foraging guidelines.


Hazelnuts – ideal for eating on their own or working in a salad or pudding.

Chestnuts – the ultimate wintery nut!

Walnuts – bake into a coffee and walnut

Acorns – roast them with sea salt for a yummy snack


Apples / crab apples – perfect for baking into an apple crumble

Wild plums – eat them on their own (remember to wash first!) or boil into a jam


Blackberries – add to your apple crumble for a tart layer of a taste

Sloe berries – pick them in September and make sloe gin for Christmas day

Rose hip berries – super tart and full of Vitamin C

Elderberries – create a delicious elderberry sorbet


Nettles – a good replacement for spinach, just make sure you blanche the sting first!

Thistles – a relative of the artichoke and very high in nutrients

Burdock and dandelions – perfect for home brewing beer

Sorrel leaves – add a tart, lemony flavour to dishes


Remember that warning from the beginning of this blog post? Foraging mushrooms can be tricky business, so if you want something beyond a portobello but aren’t THAT confident with foraging, it’s best to stick to the Farmer’s Market. If you’re feeling good about your identification skills, always make sure you take images and information for comparison.

One other thing to remember is to make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing when foraging. Breathable, durable fabrics to shield you from thorns or nettles are ideal. Discover our outdoor wear below…

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What’s your favourite thing to forage? Let us know in the comments…

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