The epic annual celebration that is National Wool Week is coming on the 9th October so what better way to celebrate the season by giving you, dear reader, a run down of our favourite transitional autumn knitwear to get you through the season.

Winter Warmers

These show-stopping coats will become your best friends over the cooler months. Crafted from cosy wool blends, they features comfortable dropped shoulders, folded cuffs and wide lapels. Throw it on over any outfit, for a simple, sophisticated style. Want something more casual? Try a poncho!

FUN FACT: Wool is composed of same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin.

Casual Layering

Your wardrobe saviours have been updated. These classic knits are the perfect addition to your autumn looks. Enjoy wearing these wardrobe staples throughout the season to form the basis of your favourite outfits.

FUN FACT: Not only can sheep recognise up to 50 other sheep faces and remember them for 2 years, but they can also recognise human faces.

Autumnal Accessorises

In a brand new design, our woolly hat and gloves sets come in two, new-season colours, and are knitted from a luxe blend of wool and organic cotton. Coordinate these cosy pieces with our matching scarf to stay warm and stylish through the season.

What’s your favourite knitwear piece? Let us know in the comments…