Formerly a self-employed graphic designer, Jessica of The Woodland Wife switched up her career to create a blog with an honest, practical and ethical focus on Slow Living, Outdoor Lifestyle, Family, Eco Parenting and Wellness. She has since become one of our favourite women on the internet. Keep reading to discover how Jessica celebrates the changing of the seasons and preps for the holidays.
What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
The most wonderful thing about Christmas is the quality time spent with family and friends. We have
many friends who have family living near us, and often Christmas is the time of year we manage to get
to spend some decent time together with friends, as well as our own family without any distractions.
How do you remain calm during the mad lead up to Christmas? Any tips for mindfulness?
I think the key with the lead up to Christmas is to not get sucked into all the hype that surrounds it;
with our daughter in school now, we have become increasingly aware that the lead up begins so far in
advance, that by the time Christmas actually arrives we are all exhausted already! We always try to
focus on time spent with loved ones, as opposed to the non-stop school events and endless gift lists.
Much like with Christmas itself, in the lead-up I try to make time for ‘just us’, taking time to simply
step away from the madness of it all. In this modern world with devices and TV saturated with festive
offers and events, I think it’s key to be mindful of being as ‘offline’ as possible.
What is your favourite activity over Christmas? (Carolling, Christmas walks, cooking)
By far my favourite activity over Christmas is a Christmas morning walk, as well as Christmas Eve
spent with friends in our village; the whole community comes together and it’s just such a wonderful
thing to be a part of.


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What do you wear on Christmas day? Do you dress up or keep it casual?
Christmas mornings are spent in our PJs and we keep it really casual for our walks, but I always like to
dress up for the Christmas meal. Nothing too fancy, but I like to make more of an effort than normal as
I really feel it adds to the sense of occasion.
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Do you host or go to family/friends on Christmas day? If you go away, what do you pack?
Since marrying my husband seven years ago, we have alternated between our families, since having
children however, we now host in our own home, as we don’t think it’s overly fair to cart the children
all over the place. I think it also ‘contains’ things too, by jumping in and out of the car every five
minutes, everyone gets a bit frazzled and you find your self more exhausted after the Christmas ‘break’
than you were before it started!

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