There is no better time to make small changes that make a big difference than the holiday season. We spoke to Sadia, our Technical and Sustainability Coordinator, about the small changes to your seasonal schedule that can help the planet. Keep reading to explore her top tips for the season.

Natural vs Plastic Christmas Tree

Unless you are seriously eager, you likely haven’t put up your tree yet and you’re looking for the most eco-friendly option, we recommend renting your Christmas tree. It’s the perfect option for those without a garden, or if you don’t want the hassle of potting and re-potting a tree.

There are several companies that offer the service. They’ll deliver a potted tree to your door, collect it at the end of the festive period, and put it back outside and care for it so it can be rented again next year.

Once trees grow to be too big to rent, they are then planted out in forests – making it a great eco-friendly Christmas tree option! Check out Wendy of Moral Fibre’s post for lots of advice on eco Christmas tree ideas or take a look at these two inspirational companies if you’re interested in renting your tree:

Muddy Boots – rent trees from £19.95 in the South Yorkshire area.

Forever Green Christmas – rent trees from £40, serving the Essex area only.

You may think that buying a plastic tree with the intention of keeping it for 20+ years in the most sustainable and economical way to tackle the tree quandry this holiday season, but research suggests that it would need to be used every year for 100+ years to make up the carbon footprint. So unless you’re planning on passing it down through the generations of your family, keep it natural, rented or replanted!

If you have any more thoughtful ideas for an eco Christmas we’d love to hear them. Comment below with your top tips to be featured in future blog posts…

Buy Secondhand

Head to local vintage shops or research on Freecycle to look for unwanted furniture and crockery for your Christmas dinners and parties. Whether it’s a vase or candlesticks for your table centrepiece, emergency chairs for your extended family or extra champagne flutes – there’s always secondhand pieces just waiting for their forever home this Christmas!

Decorate Naturally

Collect twigs, flowers and fruits to make nature-inspired Christmas decorations for your fireplace, table or tree. Simply attach pine cones, twigs, acorns, and branches to string and hang for an easy homemade garland. If you have a bit more time on your hands, you may like The Sweet Occasion’s tutorial for a Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland or try A Beautiful Mess’ tutorial for Dried Orange Hanging Ornaments.

Before you forage for materials make sure you read our guide to foraging etiquette.

Watch this space for more ways to forage and utilise nature for decoration coming soon!

Energy-saving Sparkles

A small change like switching your Christmas lights to low energy LEDs, or solar powered options can make a big difference to your carbon footprint, as well as the winter energy bill.

Other steps you can take include putting your lights on a timer, turning off other lights when your fairy lights are in use to maximise the effect, or even try just using fewer lights. And if you’re not using them already – make it a new year’s resolution to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.

If you’re in and around the house, try using tea lights alongside less string lights to lessen the energy consumption. Just make sure you never leave candles lit when you’re not in the room!


Shop and Gift Sustainably

An easy way to spread the message of being eco-friendly without lecturing your friends and family. Giving the gift of sustainability is the perfect way to get them on their own eco-journey. Discover our Gift Shop for bamboo socks, stocking fillers, gift boxes and luxe present ideas.

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Get Crafting

And finally… why not make your own eco-friendly Christmas gifts? we love this idea that upcycles wallpaper into homemade Christmas crackers (try Christmas crowns too!). From baked Christmas treats to DIY beauty, if you fancy trying your hand at some homemade gifts, take a look at our top 4 ideas for inspiration.

Pleasing Vegan Plates

Incorporating a few extra tasty vegan dishes into your Christmas Day spread will save on resources like water and reduce your Christmas dinner’s carbon footprint. This also helps you eat healthier on Christmas Day.

Watch out for some exciting vegan recipes coming in the lead up to the day on Thought’s blog.

Do you have any sustainable Christmas tips to share?

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