Hey you! Yeah, you there with the red nose and shaky hands. You seem cold, like you need some chic winter accessories? That’s actually kind of great news, because we have lots. Keep reading to see our top 5 favourite winter accessories to warm your cockles and freshen up your frosty looks in the coming months.

Ah the beanie hat, the former favourite of sullen teenagers and crusty seamen alike. Now a laidback accessory seen on celebrities and cool people everywhere. Discover our favourites below:

Scarves, the soft and cosy ribbons draped around the wonderful present that is you. Whether they are modal, Tencel, organic cotton or ethically sourced wool. Scarves are the perfect way to spice up an old coat or wrap around you as a pashmina with a glass of wine whilst you pretend to be a cast member of Big Little Lies. I will not not be rich indeed. Scroll for scarfage!

Up next – the cute cousin of gloves, mittens! AKA the best things to wear when holding a cup of hot chocolate on bonfire night. Pair with a matching scarf to get into the holiday spirit.

Nothing cheers me up in the winter more than throwing on an amazing coat. Coats are the secret silver lining to freezing weather. A good coat can level up an outfit in a way that no standard garment can do but also act as the stage curtain, revealing your fabulous look when you walk in the room.

Tights are one of the most underrated items in your wardrobe arsenal. Allowing you to transitioning your summer wardrobe into a layer cake of wintery goodness. Here’s a dare: unearth your favourite summer dress, layer a long sleeved top underneath (maybe this one) and pull on an exciting pair of tights and voilà you have a new favourite winter look. You’re welcome.

So there you have it ladies and possibly gents. A run down of our favourite winter accessories. What a journey we’ve all been on, and you now have some amazing ideas for gifts whether for friends and family or for yourself (honestly you’ve been great this year and you deserve a treat). Let me know in your comments which items are your favourites…