The concept of a stress-free Christmas seems like the ultimate seasonal oxymoron, but what if you could start your prep now? At the beginning of November, making small changes ahead of time to do less closer towards the big day. Giving you more time to be calm, be still and actually enjoy Christmas. Keep reading to discover our 5 tips to do less this Christmas.

1. shop ahead

Not only do last minute gifts cause extra stress for you, they also lead to the purchasing of thoughtless, throw away gifting for the sake of gifting. Getting the task of gifting done earlier reduces stress and also reduces money wasted. Find out what your loved ones would actually like for Christmas and get ahead of the game.

2. reduce your social

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Christmas is a time for togetherness and socialising, Christmas parties every week and after work drinks are a staple of British Christmas culture. They are also a way to tire out a natural introvert by the time Christmas comes around. Make sure you take some time for yourself and remember that you can turn down social events for the good of your mental and physical health.

3. spend less, make more

If you’re fortunate to have lots of loved ones around you this Christmas, it’s likely you’re going to spend a lot of money getting everyone fabulous gifts. If you’re conscious of your finances, a great way to be meaningful and crowd pleasing is to create some lovely homemade gifts. Try making a big batch of seasonal shortbread, wrapped in homemade potato printed tissue paper (this doubles as a fun activity to try with children). A sweet treat from the heart!

4. don’t be a cleaning martyr 

In the lead up to Christmas, women can often feel like it is their sole responsibility to make sure the house is perfectly presentable and Pinterest worthy. Rally your fellow inhabitants, whether they are family or friends, to help take care of the bigger jobs. Complete tasks that can be done ahead of time instead of putting them off, this will save you time and energy as the clock hurtles towards Christmas Day. Make a game out of little jobs for children, we’re also not against bribing with chocolate coins as ‘payment’ for their services!

5. think about what really matters

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Make sure you are truly taking stock of your personal priorities. What really matters to you when it comes to Christmas? The Yule Log being perfectly decorated? Or the relaxed laughter of your family and friends. When it comes to Christmas (and any occasion for that matter) the true priority should be spending and enjoying time with your loved ones.

What are your tips for doing less this Christmas? Let us know in the comments…

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