What inspired you to join the Sidmouth Lifeboat?

I loved the idea of the challenge and I love the sea and wanted to get involved in helping a local cause. I’m constantly learning new things, it’s amazing.


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What’s your favourite aspect of the job?

Being part of the community, working with a fantastic team and always being on the ocean. The best part is saving lives – and raising awareness of the dangers of swimming in harsh currents, as well as the wonders of the sea.

How do you live your life sustainably?

I work with beach clean-up projects and raise awareness of ocean pollution through the work that I do with local watersports groups such as Jurassic paddle sports and surfers against sewage. I walk & cycle as much as possible as a means of getting around, shop locally and don’t buy into fast fashion. I always top up my water from the tap or fountain – I don’t buy plastic bottles anymore.

What’s your favourite way to maintain mindfulness after a long day?

I love to paddleboard! It’s the best feeling – the water and rocks are different everyday – one day the water will be turquoise and the rocks bright orange, the next day the rocks could be dark red or rich brown and the sea bottle green or a really dark navy.


What small sustainable changes would you like to make in 2020?

Through my work and can raise awareness amongst young people on what they can do to help clean up our beaches. Next year my focus will be on climate change and what I can do as an individual to be more part of the solution and less of the problem! Whether it’s reducing my home energy, shopping at the greengrocers where they use hardly any single-use plastic or getting more into slow fashion – I want to improve year on year.

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