There are many ways to upcycle our iconic sock boxes. Keep reading to see three of our favourites:

A home for your sewing kit.

Our design team use old sock boxes to store their spare fabric scraps, tape measures, ribbons and pins so they always know where to find them. Create your own DIY sewing kit by adding thread, a pin cushion (explore this homemade pin cushion tutorial for an extra challenge), and your favourite fabrics to a fold top sock box.

A festive display

One of our favourite ways to reuse and upcycle our Thought sock boxes to put them on display. Create an easy, DIY coffee table centrepiece by adding your favourite potpourri to the sock box. Fill halfway up with coloured tissue paper (we chose red for a warmer, autumnal feel, and top with the potpourri of your choice.

Go a step beyond and start this project by making Christmassy homemade potpourri. Check out this tutorial to find out how.

A new life for plants

Using an open-top sock box, line with a plant safe, compostable material like baking paper. Fill the sock box halfway up with enriched soil, then place your plants or seedlings root first in the soil. Add more soil and pat around the plants to secure them in your desired spot. We’d recommend using plants that can thrive with low moisture levels, succulents being ideal for this DIY!

Place on your windowsill or like us, add to your office desk for a natural, low effort addition to your work environment.

What are your favourite ways to upcycle old gift boxes? Let us know in the comments or tag @thoughtclothing on social media…

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