New Year’s Resolutions are often seen as a burden or an excuse to nit-pick at your own self-esteem. Often evolving into unrealistic goals that harm your self worth if not achieved by February. Here at Thought, we believe that small changes can make a big difference, so we’ve put together a list of 20 easy-to-stick-to resolutions for 2020. Helping you and the world do better in the new decade.

Keeping reading to see what resolutions the Thought team are pledging for 2020.


1. Create a sustainable starter kit for friends and family. If you’re already feeling like you made strides for sustainability in 2019, helping someone else who is interested to start their journey is a fantastic way to begin the year. Our favourites starter kits are available here.

2. Education is a huge part of change, challenge yourself to watch an environmental documentary or informative book every month. Check out an amazing run down here. What are your favourite eco-documentaries or books? Let us know in the comments.

3. Cut out any products that include palm oil, finding ecofriendly alternatives to replace your favourite soaps and spreads.

4. Never throw away clothes, close the fashion loop. Find out more information about our project with TRAID for getting rid of unwanted clothes here.

5. Start a capsule wardrobe. Making your closet work for you if one of the best things you can do for not only the environment but also your self esteem. Exclusively buying and wearing pieces you truly love that will last a lifestyle is always a sound investment of your time and money.

6. Commit to eating less animal products such as meat and dairy. Trying out some new vegan recipes (especially since the whole of January is designated as Veganuary) once or twice a week is a great first step to adopting a more eco-friendly foodie lifestyle. Check out one of our favourite vegan food blogs here, with easy to follow meal plans.

7. Pledge to switch up non-reusable plastics. Hangers (change from plastic to metal and wooden), tights (change from poly to wool or recycled poly), bags (change from plastic reusable bags to fabric totes).

8. Cook from home/scratch 5 days a week, this will help you avoid buying single use plastics for lunch.

9. Educate yourself on in-season produce and base your meals (including meat and dairy products if you want them) around what can be sourced locally.

10. Make a pledge to hand-make gifts for friends and family for the entire year.

11. Buy only cruelty free and natural beauty products (but first, use what you have, no wastage please!).

12. Avoid synthetic fabrics or get a Guppyfriend Bag to help reduce microfibre pollution.

13. Take inspiration from Gretha Thunberg by trying an alternative mode of travel. Drive to work every day? Try using public transport 2 days a week. Going on holiday? Make the travel part of the trip by taking a train or ferry, from the UK to Europe it’s very doable thanks to the Eurostar. A Eurostar journey from London to Paris emits 90% less greenhouse gas emissions than the equivalent short-haul flight. More good news: from 1st January 2020, Eurostar has pledged to plant a tree for every train service that it operates across its routes.

14. Sign up to a regular a nature clean up. Organisations like Plastic Patrol or beach clean ups are a great way to help the planet and keep your local area looking lovely.

15. Turn your heater down by one degree, turn it on 30 minutes later and turn it off 30 minutes earlier, reduce washing machine temperature from 40 to 30 degrees; all these simple household acts can reduce your personal energy use. If everyone did this, a lot of daily energy could be saved!

16. Another household change you can commit to in 2020 is hanging your laundry instead of tumble drying. Invest in a ceiling pulley clothes dryer rack if you are short on floor space.

17. Switch to shampoo and conditioner bars, we love these from Lush.

18. Carry a material bag, a refillable water bottle and a re-useable coffee cup. In pinch using the coffee cup as a water bottle. I sometimes fill mine with water first if I’m intending to get a coffee, so I have to drink all the water and stay hydrated to be able to get a caffeinating treat!

19. Reduce your alcohol consumption. It’s a little broadcasted fact that beer and spirit production is bad for the environment. Grains, potatoes, rice, botanicals, sugar cane, and agave are all significant ingredients in the alcohol industry, each of which require a large amount of water, fertiliser, land, and use of machinery. An enormous number of bottles, cans, kegs, plastic, and cardboard boxes are necessary for shipping and distributing alcohol. Try sourcing wine, beer and spirits that are locally produced in small batches.

20. Finally, avoid any fast fashion and do your research! Like Thought, there are so many amazing, sustainable brands out there to wear so you can continuing looking and feeling good whilst saving the planet.

Did any of these resolution ideas speak to you? Let us know in the comments which ones you’re committing to in 2020.