Sea-worn rocks and cliff sides. Fossil flowers and their soft-hued lustre. We soak our paint-brushes in colours we find here and in the earth’s warming hues – terracottas, and indigo. Our prints mimic the preserved patterns we find, as smock silhouettes and jersey set an easy, romantic feel.


We herald the new decade with a collection that showcases our strengths and looks to future horizons with new product lines, fabrics and silhouettes.

Key to the season is a desire to bring a new level of femininity, reflecting not fast fashion trends but timeless classics for every kind of woman.

We curate the collection with care, to ensure a variety in styling, fabrics and silhouettes. We’ve designed a core collection of easy-to-wear pieces to complement our main range, handing you the elements to create a sustainable capsule collection.

Our collection continues to be inspired by independent pioneering women. All of our prints are exclusive to us, developed in-house or developed from archive prints.

As a new decade dawns, we journey back through history to explore the fragile flora and fauna preserved on our Jurassic coast.

The story of pioneering 19th Century fossil collector, Mary Anning is a key reference point. The mystery of times before man walked the earth inspires an ethereal, otherworldly print handwriting, studying fossilised plants and flowers.

Just as nature takes time to grow, so do our collections. We develop each piece with care and consideration, giving you the elements to nurture your own ethical wardrobe. Our newest prints look to natural, preserved formations, borrowing their organic shapes and patterns to create modern pieces that are just as beautiful as they are comfortable. ⁠

The cliffs surrounding Mary’s Lyme Regis home are the site of her findings, and give us an extra dimension of rugged mark making. Feminine elements like puffed sleeves and lace trims inform our styling. These are also a nod to the fashions of Mary’s time.


The cascading cliffs surrounding Lyme Regis are the historic site of fantastical findings. The mystery of times before man walked the earth inspire the creation of our ethereal, otherworldly prints.

We hope you love these fresh pieces as much as we do.

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