What did you set as your sustainable/ethical resolutions for 2020? 

I want to change up my beauty regime to be more ethical, but I think that will be more of a year long process as I finish my current products and one by one replace them with ethical and sustainable alternatives that work for my skin. My aims are to change my beauty products to paraben and sulphate free and find the same quality in products whilst reducing plastic use, researching brands that are using paper packaging or reusable packaging.

I’m also making a bigger effort to effectively educate more friends in thinking about their actions and changing their ways. I have already influenced 2 friends last year you have fully changed their buying practises and replaced it with more sustainable options.

My final resolution is looking into the few dairy products I use to make sure they are not only organic but free range. Free range is an important factor not just for chickens but the wellbeing of cows too.

Are there any small changes you’ve made recently in an effort to be more sustainable? 

For items I haven’t found plastic free packaging options, I make sure that I buy the largest size possible to make the product last longer and reduce plastic waste. I will always pick the option that has more sustainable packaging or if the plastic consumption is ridiculous I chose not to buy it.

For someone wanting to start their sustainable journey, what are the first small changes you would recommend?

The first step is to think twice before buying. Think about whether you just want it or whether you need it. If you need something, choose the option with less packaging if it’s a food or household product. If it’s clothing, make it a habit to always check the care label. If it contains polyester or nylon try to swap it for something similar that is made from a natural fibre such as cotton, wool, viscose, linen. If you can go one better find an option that has organic cotton, Tencel, hemp or recycled fibres.

The best small way to make positive change is to think before you buy, as soon as you make a choice considered rather than impulsive you start becoming aware of what you are doing and what impact that makes to the planet.

Do you have any sustainable goals for the next decade?

Packaging waste is my main bugbear, I would like to have fully converted all my products that are in my house to be single plastic free, to be made from natural ingredients and to be as minimal as possible. To reduce wardrobe & clothing purchases down to only have a fully sustainable capsule wardrobe, including accessories and shoes.

Thanks, Sadia!

Have you been making small changes to your habits and lifestyle this year? How are they going? Let us know in the comments…