Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best, A huge part of being sustainable is choosing clothing that you will wear again and again. ⁠

Which is exactly what this collection is intended to be; a Fairtrade alternative that will last a lifetime. ⁠Keep reading discover how Aviva, Emma and Tracey from the Thought team styles our new Fairtrade tees.


I’m a big fan of layering, especially when it means I’m able to take one of my favourite dresses to wear in the summer and make it work and weather appropriate. Layering a white Fairtrade tee under a patterned dress or pinafore creates a nice contrast and a new opportunity to wear my best summer pieces!

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I’m constantly on the go so dressing practically is really important to me. You’ll usually find me in a tshirt, jeans and trainers so it’s nice to find sustainable but affordable options to integrate into my current wardrobe.

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One of my favourite ways to refresh neutral basics is to add a big, contrasting pop of colour! The pink Fairtrade pairs so well with my more formal trousers – an unexpected combo that is going to be my go-to Spring to Summer look.

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What’s your favourite way to style a simple tee? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media using @thoughtclothing and #WearFair …