As a small business we thought it would be great for you, our community, to get to know some of the team here at Thought.

Meet Lindsey, our Junior Print & Accessories Designer with a love of baking! Keep reading to find out about what she is doing to pass the time and her favourite Thought pieces.

What’s the best part of your job at Thought and how did you get into it?

Without a doubt, designing the socks! I started Thought straight from university. I was actually on holiday when Rachel asked me for an interview and I started to panic! Luckily she said she would wait for me to return home and I am so glad she did. From a very young age, I was always interested in Art and Textiles and at school focused hugely on these subjects. I ended up studying Printed Textile Design at University. I gained lots of experience on the way but my particular favourite was creating screen-printed costumes for a ballet at The Royal Opera House!

Where are you currently living?

I live in the countryside of North Essex with my husband (of almost a year!)

What’s one way you are living more thoughtfully?

We are taking this opportunity to get back to basics; using the food stored at the back of the cupboard, growing our own veggies and going for a daily walk that we normally wouldn’t do.

What are you missing the most during these times?

Spending time with our families. Both my husband and I are very family-orientated so this is very strange for us. It was especially sad not celebrating my Grandad’s 91st birthday with him but I did make him his favourite Lemon Curd (from our blog) and left it on his doorstep.

What’s keeping you grounded and positive? 

I have been waking at my normal time and practising yoga in the mornings before work. It really does help to clear my mind and relax me for the start of my day. Spending more time cooking and baking has been lovely too, as I would usually be travelling for much of the evening.

Have you started trying your hand at anything new?

My husband and I have dusted off our bikes and downloaded the Strava app. We have been exploring the local derelict train-line that is now a cycle path and watching ducklings at the nearby lakes. It’s become quite competitive trying to break new personal records! I have also tried Marbeling for the first time using nail varnish and posted Marbled cards and envelopes to my mum and nieces alongside ‘how-to’ instructions to keep them entertained!

What have you been cooking?

We have been experimenting with lots of different recipes but my favourite is this Cauliflower and Red Lentil Curry, a recipe followed from The Mother Cooker on Instagram. I love her idea of creating recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables!

I have also been testing more wheat and dairy free bakes during this time. I have made Madeline Shaw’s ‘Tahini Swirled Brownies’ and Aine Carlin’s ‘All-Out Chocolate Honeycomb Loaf’ from her Cook, Share, Eat Vegan book and it is AMAZING. I can’t believe I’ve made my own honeycomb!? Who knew it was so easy!

What’s inspiring you right now?

Everything and everyone! I am so grateful for all of the positivity around, from brands on social media sharing positive posts, recipes and ‘how-to’ videos to the local super-market setting social-distancing rules and not making the whole experience feel too daunting. There is so much love and kindness around. There seems to be much more of a sense of community with everyone supporting each other. We hand-painted bunting and hosted a social-distance party on our driveway on VE Day; it was lovely to meet new neighbours and share stories.

Given the current climate, how do you think we can all live more thoughtfully right now?

Appreciate the little things! The handwritten post from my nieces has been making me smile and the daily exercise really makes you realise that you should appreciate nature everyday and not take it for granted during busy periods.

What’s your favourite piece from our SS20 Collection?

The Maddalena Dress is my absolute FAVE! I ADORE the colour and I love the voluminous skirt and the clever tie – will you be tying yours at the front or the back?