Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On.

This is our mantra and it’s all about supporting a longer life for your clothes.

Enjoy what you wear, fix love-worn pieces, and hand them on when you’re ready.

So now we have managed to tick off most of the easy to-do’s in our long list of at home chores, we’ve decided to finally tackle the mending pile. And although we have picked up some great skills from our charity partner TRAID like the ancient art of Sashiko mending and a touch of basic darning, we know we still a lot to learn and what better an opportunity – our grandparents would be very proud.

To guide us, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite sewing and mending resources. Whether you like a physical online tutorial, a good old fashioned book or want to just see some modern day sewing inspiration, here’s our round-up.


Our favourite Youtube tutorials

Evelyn Wood is one of our most watched mending channels as she addresses those unique little tears, cuts and holes that aren’t listed in your standard mending book.

Wendy’s fun, approachable and upbeat videos make you feel like you’re learning from a friend. Watching her mending clothes is also incredibly therapeutic. She also has a series that shows you how to recreate sustainable versions of high street trends and iconic outfits.

A simple, easy way to learn how to try your hand at visible mending, a method in which you leave the fixes, mends and patches visible to customise your pieces.

Mending your clothes can also mean altering your clothes. Lucy shows how you can breathe new life into garments by making sure they fit beautifully.

Our favourite Instagrammers


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Must-follow alert! @tickover_! 🔥#embroideryinstaguild

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Socks are one of the most thrown away items, but did you know that even beginners that easily fix tears and holes? We love these easy tutorials from @tickover for quick mends.


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Does anyone else use needle-turn appliqué for patching? It’s usually used for more complex shapes in quilting, but i really like the technique so I use it for simple mends too! 👚 To do it, you turn the seam under, and sew back and forth between the edge of the folded seam and the base fabric. The stitches end up invisible! 🌷 This is an old hand-me-down flannel from my brother, and it’s my favorite. It’s probably been regularly worn for the past 10 years, so it’s getting some holes and fraying at the edges! I’ll keep posting more mends from it, because there’s plenty to do ☺️ #visiblemending #flannel #mending #mindfulmending #clothingrepair #mend #applique #needleturnapplique #patchwork #wearrepairrepurpose #handmedowns #secondhandfashion #secondhandstyle #secondhandfirst #lovedclotheslast #sustainablefashion #sustainablefashionblogger #fashionrevolution #repair

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For a creative way to fix holes, try patching up like Lily from @mindful_mending to breathe life into old pieces.


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A little bit of mending action for you! The darning videos available from my website are real time, and will take you through the whole process of mending a hole in your knitwear, from threading your needle through to finishing the ends at the back neatly. There are tips for how to make your darn neat and what you should be careful of. There are two videos as part of my digital workshop, as well as step by step written and photo instructions to give you a good understanding of different darning techniques. Link in bio. . . . #visiblemending #darning #mending #repair #makedoandmend #lovedclotheslast #knitwear #creativemending #colourful #learnsomethingnew #designermaker #sustainabletextiles #sustainableclothing #reducewaste #createmakeshare #mendingmatters #colorlover #darningworkshop #covidcrafting #digitalworkshop

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Watch incredibly satisfying darning videos in real time whilst learning a new skill! They also host digitial mending workshops to guide you through darning your beloved jumpers.

Our favourite books

Fix Your Clothes The Sustainable Magic of Mending, Patching, and Darning

Want to save money and the world by not buying new clothes at the time? Concerned about the labor practices of fast fashion? Learn to repair your clothes from this cheerful illustrated guide.

Mending Matters

Including more than 20 hands-on projects that showcase current trends in visible mending that are edgy, modern, and bold—but draw on traditional stitching.

Mend & Patch: A Handbook to Repairing Clothes and Textiles
In the furthest corner of her clothes store in Stockholm, Sweden, Kerstin has a mending studio where she gives a new lease of life to people’s favourite jeans. In this book, she arms you with the skills and ideas you need to mend your own clothes, whatever their wear and tear.

Our favourite additional resources

Martha Stewart’s gallery guide to patching holes and fixing seams

Vogue’s guide to the history of visible mending

How to mend and spruce up clothing using embroidery techniques

A history of Sashiko, the visible mending movement turning tears into art

To find out more about our mantra and our tips our on how to look after your clothes, click here.

Find out more information about our partnership and workshops with Traid.