As a small business we thought it would be great for you, our community, to get to know some of the team here at Thought.

Meet Annabel, our Buyer with a love of working out and cooking! Keep reading to find out about what she is doing to pass the time and her favourite Thought pieces.

What’s the best part of your job at Thought and how did you get into it?

Travelling to the Far East to visit our suppliers and factories, and shopping/inspiration trips in Europe. It has always been the only thing I wanted to be (since I was about 14) – prior to that I wanted to be a pilot, a nurse, PE teacher (realised you needed to be good at Science/an all rounder for these things)! I left school at 16 much to my parents’ horror to go to the newly established Fashion Retail Academy back in 2006, then went on to London College of Fashion.  Started my first job as a BAA at White Stuff and stayed there for nearly 7 years and then was approached about my dream job here at Thought by an old White Stuff colleague and friend – the rest is history!

Where are you currently living?

Have just moved in with my boyfriend in Hackney. No pets currently but I am DESPERATE for a bulldog – name TBC but Bruce, Ian & Dave are top of the list.

What’s one way you are living more thoughtfully?

I usually have a one in – one out policy in my wardrobe i.e. sell something on eBay or donating to charity if I buy something new but lockdown has stopped this.  I try to wait at least 1 month before I buy something to test if I really, really want it.  I also wash all my clothes in a Guppy Friend washing bag to help reduce microfibre pollution to our waters and I NEVER knowingly buy non-natural fibres. I’ve also been trying to be more experimental with my daily cooking, I love this pomegranate salad for lunch!

What are you missing the most during these times?

With the exception of friends, family and seeing my lovely colleagues it 100% has to be restaurants (although my bank balance is thanking me).  I also do miss my daily barre/yoga/dance classes I usually do at Frame before work.

What’s keeping you grounded and positive? 

The motto of you can only control the controllables, everything else you’ve got to just let it slide – helping me get through this as usually being a bit of a control freak in every aspect of my life. Also am LOVING the online classes my gym, Frame, has been doing (really into my 80s aerobics now!) and the yoga and barre classes, Psycle, have put on Instagram.  The weather helps too – I’m so thankful for the gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having lately.

Have you started trying your hand at anything new?

Just extreme amounts of cooking and baking to be honest. Also have been really enjoying buying from the little local shops in my new neighbourhood around Victoria Park Village and Broadway Market – I tie in my daily walk/exercise into popping into the local shop for fresh fruit and veg (tried deliveries and was disappointed with not being able to get the absolute best of the bunch).

What have you been cooking?

My current faves:

BBC Good Food’s Carrot Cake since I moved I don’t have 2 circle cake tins so I made little muffins and this worked a treat

Pret’s Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie – perfect for using up any Easter choc that might be left (I certainly don’t have any but for the more self restrained people out there)

Dishoom’s House Black Daalyou can use green or black lentils for this – I’ve done both!

I have also roasted a cauliflower at home this week which was an excellent outcome and very tasty and easy to do.

What’s inspiring you right now?

My mum took the decision to work as a nurse/live in carer for an elderly lady on the Isle of Wight knowing that she wouldn’t be able to come back easily and see her family which was incredibly hard for her, but she also knew that there was no one else who could care for this lady as well as her (because lockdown makes it impossible to recruit good, new carers and nurses who you know don’t have coronavirus).

Given the current climate, how do you think we can all live more thoughtfully right now?

Get to know your neighbours, offer them help or give them your phone number if they might need you in case they’re ill or alone (we just got some free Crosstown donuts from our neighbours).  If you can afford to – then it’s vital for the longevity of small businesses survival post lockdown to try and support them while they aren’t trading as normal (maybe buy some coffee from your local coffee shop if they are selling it in bags rather than from the supermarket – more expensive but a delicious WFH treat, or a gift card for your fave local restaurant or perhaps one near your parents’ house that might be perfect as a Father’s Day gift). 

I also think we should all be trying to be more resourceful right now, I’m figuring out what of my weekly shop I can make at home. I’ve really been enjoying making my own granola recently!

What’s your favourite piece from our SS20 Collection?

Has to be the Eugenia dress – I love the bright floral print it really makes me smile looking at it. I also think it’s a great all year round dress – the light, breathable cotton makes it a perfect in the office with my fave new Fracap sandals, bare legged dress, but I will also wear this dress in the winter with thick tights and Grensons. I also love the Anzio organic cotton floral print dress for long weekends in the sun. 

Thanks, Annabel!