We love nothing more than winding down with a cup of calming herbal tea. Beyond the aromatic scent and wonderful taste, herbal tea infusions are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

We sat down with Rachel, herbalist, naturopath and founder of Wilder Botanics to learn some more about the healing power of tea. 

Rachel @Wilderbotanics 

Rachel, tell us about Wilder and where it all began

I have been practicing as a naturopathic herbalist since 2004 and realised there were a big need for natural herbal formulas to support the more common ailments but there was not many places that herbs could be obtained..so we thought of Wilder, hoping to encourage people to be more connected to their natural surroundings and the seasons and their needs within this..to become more Wilder

We started with just our infusions when our friend and successful illustrator Lerryn Korda came up with the idea of illustrating the herbal ingredients of each formula on the label enabling a further connection to the organic ingredients .. they look so pretty on a counter too!

What are your different tea blends and how do they benefit the body? 

Our Colds & Flu infusion is delicious with a supporting blend of whole organic peppermint, yarrow, and elderflower to ease congestion & fever, aching limbs and with a dash of cinnamon and bay for their antimicrobial properties and for soothing an upset tummy.

I drink a pot of this when feeling the onset of a sniffle or in the fog of a full on cold helping to clear the sinuses and lungs and lift the spirits.     

The Antioxidant formula is a great way to start the day the Sencha leaves are young and fresh and the tart fruitiness of the hibiscus really gives you that pick you up needed in the mornings, a hint of dried lemon adds to its cleansing qualities.

As the name suggests this formula is super high in antioxidants helping to protect the cells from everyday environmental stressors and support healthful ageing .

Tip – The best way to prepare a green tea using the finest leaves is to not boil the water but allow it to reach around 80 degrees instead .

Our Cleanse & Refresh infusion uses young Spring organic Nettle tops, dandelion leaves and Red Clover blossoms.

Its super high in nutrients and supportive of all the eliminative organs . This blend is so very grounding. We try and make a pot everyday to add to our daily vitamin and mineral needs

   What should we use, fresh or dried infusions? 

I use fresh and dried infusions every day as these herbs really are here to help protect and support us, and they’re delicious! Dried is the easiest way to keep a herbs therapeutic constituents for the cooler months, and the beauty of making a pot of whole herb tea and watching these hydrate and come to life in a glass pot as it brews is all part of the beautiful ceremony and healing process .

Tell us some more about the Wilder skin oils

We formulated our Wilder oils for the skin, as body brushing and skin health is part of my naturopathic regime and we wanted to include the finest botanical oils for the face and body in our Wilder range.

These took us over a year to formulate as we’ve only sourced and used the best organic cold pressed raw ingredient. Our philosophy at Wilder botanics is to support whole well being using organic therapeutic botanicals which help to connect us to our natural world ..


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Wilder Botanics was born out of a true love of herbs and an ideal of bringing vital, energetic and organic herbs and essential oils into our daily lives by creating a range of beautiful products for the whole body. We are thrilled to have Wilder Botanics on board as part of our Thought Living collection. Shop here.