Every year, shoppers spend more on Black Friday than any other time of year. This peak of consumerism means more waste is created than on other days; which is harmful to our planet. Here at Thought, we believe in buying good products that last longer and can be worn over and over again. That’s why, every year we don’t have any big sales, instead we do Thoughtful Friday, where we donate 50% of sales to a charity. This year, we’re donating to the incredible WONDER Foundation, a charity that works to provide educational opportunities for women and children.

Who are WONDER Foundation?

WONDER Foundation is dedicated to transforming women and girls’ lives through quality education. They believe education is key to empowering women so they can make informed choices, become leaders in their communities, and exit the cycle of poverty. To achieve this, Wonder Foundation partner with women-led organisations across the world who share their mission. Through working differently with each partner and listening to their expertise, they take a sustainable, long-term approach to change. 

What have WONDER Foundation Achieved so far?

WONDER Foundation have now been in operation for 10 years. To give you an idea of what they achieve, in 2020/2021:

– 19, 780 women and girls were reached in 18 different countries  

– 6, 609 women and girls were supported through quality education 

-13, 055 women, girls, and their families were helped during the COVID-19 pandemic 

– 1, 812 women and girls completed accredited training  

Learn more about Thoughtful Friday here