1. 10 things you probably didn't know about hemp
    Often when people think about hemp clothing, they envisage a loosely woven scratchy material. That couldn't be further from the beautifully soft hemp fabric we use and love. There's certainly...
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  2. Conscious Shopping Guide: Think before you shop
    After my recent purchase of Fashion Revoution’s book, Loved Clothes Last (a great read), I learnt that on average we wear our clothes around four times – pretty awful don’t...
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  3. Clean With Vinegar: Wendy's DIY Eco-friendly Cleaning Spray
    White vinegar is a pretty amazing household cleaner.  It’s incredibly cheap; cuts through dirt, grease, odours and soap scum like nothing else; can be used in a myriad of different...
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  4. Sophie's Minimalist Wardrobe Tips: Quality over Quantity
    Minimalism, for some, means painting your walls white, dressing head to toe in black or ditching all non-practical items. For me, minimalism means investing in the things that add value...
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  5. 5 Top Tips for an Eco Christmas
    Christmas is the season of giving back and here at Thought we believe that it’s so important to remember to give back to our planet too. With a little effort...
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  6. 5 Tips For Creating a Zero Waste Lifestyle
    With the population growing, consumerism at its highest, and our throw-away culture becoming ever stronger, we humans are producing more waste than ever before. Today, I’m introducing one of our...
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  7. Hannah’s Conscious Shopping Tips
    I must admit; I used to be a sucker for the sales. At this time of year, we’re surrounded by them. With bargains left, right and centre they are sometimes...
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  8. Our Top Wardrobe Detox Tips
    This is the time of year when we begin to contemplate clearing our stuffy, cluttered wardrobes ready for the Spring. A wardrobe detox can often feel like a chore if...
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  9. Eco-Friendly Ideas: 8 Little Ways To Make A Big Difference
    As a sustainable fashion business, we consider how everything we do impacts the planet. From where we source our fabrics, to how we make our clothes, and even how we...
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