Say goodbye to the generic 'dinner and a movie; dates, and make sure this year's Valentine's Day date is one you'll remember by doing something a little more unique. With Valentine's Day only a week away, we've been searching Pinterest for our favourite alternative date night ideas. We've come up with our top 5 fun, cheap, creative and romantic ideas to do at home... Mix it up What better way to celebrate Valentines Day then by sipping cocktails with the person you love? Take it in turns mixing up Valentine's themed cocktails for eachother, or work together to invent your own signature couples cocktail. valentines-cocktails Get creative! Awaken your inner artist and paint portraits of eachother! Head to the art supply store, and pick up big canvases and all the paint you need. Spend the next few hours doing finger-painting portraits of each other, and laugh or marvel at the artwork you’ve created. Crayon Picnic Perfect Spread out a tablecloth or sheet on the living room floor, light candles and place them all around the room. Turn out the lights, and enjoy a picnic basket filled with wine, cheese, fresh fruits and chocolates. Indoor Picnic Bursting with love On small strips of paper, write out the things you love about your partner or things that you forgot to thank them for doing. Pop each note inside a balloon and then inflate them. Fill your bedroom with the balloons. Have your valentines pop the balloons and read each sentiment aloud. Balloons The Love Nest Gather all the blankets and cushions you can find and built a fort together! Decorate with lanterns, fairy lights and candles. Turn out the lights, cosy up inside your fort and enjoy a relaxing evening together watching old movies, sharing snacks, or playing board games... get creative! Bohemian Love Nest (Images sourced here) Check our our Valentine's pinboard for more date night ideas and inspiration! Which Valentines idea is your favourite? Let us know below. With Love

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