Make holiday packing more thoughtful

Passport, travel insurance, tickets (or booking confirmation) and money. It’s easy to make sure you’ve got the essentials to hand... time to tackle the rest of the holiday packing. Well, not quite as in what to wear (although that’s important too!) more as in how you can make what you take have a lighter impact on the planet. If you’ve any of your own eco friendly holiday packing tips, I’d love to hear them. For now, here’s a few of mine...

6 Eco Friendly Holiday Packing Tips

Eco friendly holiday packing tips

1/ Don’t waste money buying cheap throwaway clothes

“I’ll just pick up that top for my holiday – it’s only cheap”. I’m sure we’ve all fallen into saying that at some point. It’s an easy thing to do, yet as Emma mentioned in her post on shopping more thoughtfully, in the UK alone an estimated £100 million worth or around 350,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill every year. We often don’t really don’t need more ‘stuff’, so see if you can make do with what you have first. Eco friendly holiday packing tips

2/ Buy a case built to last

Nylon, fibreglass and PVC are some of the most common materials used to make modern suitcases, but there are other options out there. Patagonia have a good choice of small, medium and larger options that are is made from recycled polyester and specifically designed to “minimise the impact on people and the planet”. While looking into greener luggage options I also discovered the brand Sherpani and fell in love with this 100% recycled polyester Olive Backpack, which I’ve now got my eyes on for my upcoming trip to India. Sherpani focuses on three core values: ‘natural’, ‘minimal’, and ‘modern’ and the brand’s committed to doing its part to protect the environment, “By designing and manufacturing products that are made of natural fibres and recycled materials wherever possible.” On their UK site you’ll find a whole range of eco friendly luggage so if you’re in the market for a new case, do check them out. Whatever you buy, try to go for something of good quality so it lasts longer. If a case is cheap, there’s usually a very good reason (or six!) why. Eco friendly holiday packing tips

3/ Leave the nasty sun cream behind

And do invest in one that’s free from harsh chemicals, good for sensitive skin and importantly, friendly to marine life. Green People have this organic range that’s perfect for you and your little ones, and is completely marine-friendly. Wendy of Moral Fibres delves into the details of three eco-friendly sun creams too – the recommendations she makes HERE all have very good coverage as well as crucial green credentials. Better still… you could fake your tan! Great if you’re staycationing but still want a golden glow. A friend recently introduced me to Sukin Organics skincare via her Instagram posts. Sukin is an Australian brand (fitting for us!) with the motto of “Skincare doesn’t have to cost the earth”. They source sustainably, use natural extracts, essential oils and beautiful recycled packaging, and they’re also anti-animal testing and even neutralise their carbon footprint. They are quite literally my new favourite brand so I was over-the-moon to discover they had a sun care rage that includes a Sunless Bronzing Gel, and a cooling Aloe Vera Gel which would be great as an after sun. If you give either of those a go, let me know what they’re like!  

4/ Wear heavier items to travel in

Your travel outfit: trousers, closed-toe shoes – but don’t wear a hat – get one that’s crushable and packable. I hate having to wear or carry a hat around when travelling; it just feels uncomfortable or gets in the way. You could even pick up one when you get wherever it is you’re going – if you find a local market it’s a good way to support the makers. Eco friendly holiday packing tips

5/ Think about layering

Air con, places you need to cover up, or when you get back home to cooler climes; there are likely to be times where you’ll go from hot-to-cool, cool-to-hot temperatures. Opting for layers is the perfect way to plan for this – check out our light knits; Rachel for one has one of these stashed in her bag at all times.  

6/ Stay at home

Take to the woods to be with nature for a weekend, or make the most of being at home with some of Jo’s eco friendly DIY beauty remedies for some real me time. With no planes or cars, you’ll be doing your bit to cut down pollution and carbon emissions by doing very, very little, which in itself, sounds like the perfect holiday to me.   I hope you found some of this helpful. As I mentioned earlier, if you have any of your own tips on making travel or packing more eco friendly, just share them in the comments box.   Here’s to a restful holiday, however you choose to spend yours. 6 eco friendly holiday packing tips By Braintree's Clare Suitcase image source: here.

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