Braintree Intern Laura
As part of our 'Meet the Team' blog segment, we've been picking on a different Braintree team members and carrying out our sixty second interview so that you can get to know us all a little better! This week we caught up with our new Braintree HQ intern, Laura... When I was younger, I dreamt of being... a lawyer. In fact, I loved defend people and I wanted to be famous like the lawyers on TV. My one fashion rule to live by... Wearing what you want wearing without worrying about what other people think. My most prized item of clothing... is a high waist skirt or my new army jacket for a rock’n’roll style. The one thing in my bag I couldn't live without... is my iPhone or my Oyster card now. So useful to travel through London! If I was a shoe... I would be a black studded wedge boot. My worst fashion faux pas... Always wearing jeans, mainly with the same colour too. And of course, socks with sandals... Not very fashionable! Favourite London Landmark... Oxford Street for it's variety of shops or Camden Town - so many other French people there and a those with a rock’n’roll mind. Ultimate holiday destination... California. Today I'm wearing... My Braintree Jenna pink cardigan, grey top, dark blue skinny jeans, black slippers, a triangular necklace, and round shaped sunglasses. On the lunch menu today... Bolognese pasta from the Italian cook who stops by the Braintree office in his little white van. Favourite music... I like a wide range of music, from Macklemore to Nirvana... but the one I can listen to over and over is Pharrell Williams. My style icons include... Katy Perry and Sarah Jessica Parker. From the Braintree summer collection, I'll be wearing... the Bombora Tunic. It looks like so cosy for this summer to walking on the beach... Plus, I’m crazy about stripe prints! I've always wanted to work within the fashion industry because... I’ve always been interested in fashion. In fact, I go shopping all the time, (though my parents are not very happy about that) for me it is a good starting point to work for a brand as Braintree Clothing. Working in a field I like is something which enables me to be more motivated than ever! My highlight of working at Braintree so far... the very friendly environment in the office. I thank everyone here for their warm welcome and for the team welcome drinks in the pub last week as well ;) Thank you Laura! Plus! Here are a few of Laura's travel photos taken of the London landmarks she's visited during her internship so far... Braintree Intern Laura Braintree Intern Laura Braintree Intern Laura Braintree Intern Laura Braintree Intern Laura Braintree Intern Laura With Love

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