Meet Michael
As part of our 'Meet the Team' blog segment, once a week we'll be picking on a different Braintree team member and carrying out our sixty second interview so that you can get to know us all a little better! This week we're heading over to the sales team to meet Michael... When I was younger, I dreamt of being... Honestly? A train driver, believe it or not. My one fashion rule to live by... Be comfortable - wear stripes. My most prized item of clothing is... These days, a smart jacket. The one thing in my bag I couldn’t live without... My phone charger. If I was a shoe... I'd be devo. My worst fashion faux pas... Oh my goodness. OK - when I was 16, I used to wear an 'in bed with Madonna' white t-shirt under a paisley shirt I brought from John, with shorts. And boat shoes. I'm not proud. Favourite London Landmark... The whole thing - bring it on. Ultimate holiday destination... I'm itching to get to Thailand and eat my weight in curry puffs. Today i'm wearing... Braintree Batino Bloom Shirt, Braintree Blue Chino's and an apricot jumper. Oh and my fave red puma's. I think I look cool :) On the lunch menu today... Just a yoghurt today - I don't eat much as a rule. Favourite radio station... Too many to mention but I will anyway... Radio 4 (ultimate fave), 6 Music, Kiss, Reprezent, Classical, Gaydio, Heart in the afternoons sometimes. There are some Italian radio stations that are also well worth the listen. My style icons include... Tom Ford - immaculately dressed. Designer / director / perfumerer - what can't Tom Ford do!?! My favourite Braintree purchase ever... Our Bamboo Boxers can never, ever be beaten by another boxer. Simply the best. From the current Braintree collection, I'll be wearing... The Brookwood Shirt - too good. Favourite part of working at Braintree... My customers. I really do think the world of them. A great bunch of peple and I consider myself quite blessed to be able to travel and see this great country and them. With Love

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