Want an insight into what it's like at Braintree HQ? From the design room to the showroom, the photo shoots and new season sneak peeks, and all things sustainable... take a glimps behind-the-scenes at Braintree and follow @btreeclothing on instagram! insta Be sure you tag photos with #btreeclothing, so we don’t miss your Braintree style photos. Here's our favourite instagrams you've been posting this season... Swallow Socks @jollybrownvintage "Lovely new Bamboo socks from Harvest Moon" insta-2 @sheisinfashion "Braintree Hemp ✌️ #braintree #london" braintree-beret @trulavina "A two tone #layered outfit. #btreeclothing beret" insta-5 @emilywads "I got these bamboo socks three years ago on Christmas and I've been savings them for a special day, which now I know is today! #bamboosocks #socosy" insta-3 @villalies "#bamboosocks #365daysoflittlehappiness" insta-4 @misstinkertaylor "Had a really lovely day together in Brighton; mooching and lunching. Came away with my usual haul of Bamboo socks." We'll be regramming our favourite pictures over the next few weeks so tag us in your Braintree style posts @btreeclothing With Love, Braintree Jo

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