This week at, we have launched our new ethical loungewear collection, Braintree BE. Inspired by our favourite pastimes and wanting to be comfortable and cool whilst practising them, in our Braintree Be collection you'll find the perfect pieces for yoga, the gym, evening strolls or curling up on the sofa with your favourite book. To give you a 'behind-the-seams' insight to the new range, we chatted to Braintree's Rikke to discover her must-have picks, styling tips, the inspiration behind the new range, and why it's so special. Braintree Clothing Be Collection Hi Rikke! In a few words, how would you describe the new BE collection? The Braintree BE collection is super comfortable, sustainable, yet fashionable clothes that you can either wear those days where you just want to feel relaxed or when doing your yoga or pilates. What's special about the new BE collection? The new BE collection is special because we are introducing quite a few new styles and it is the largest BE collection we have ever made. We have had hugely positive response to the BE ranges from the previous seasons so we have expanded with some new styles. This season you will find our new printed Dashka Series which has been overwhelmingly well received on a retail level and we are doing a new fabric, the Skargen Top and Skargen Tunic which is made up in Lyocell, a fabric made from wood. Braintree Clothing Be Collection What was the inspiration behind BE? The inspiration behind BE was to create a line of clothing which would be good for yoga and pilates without looking like the usual training clothes which very often comes in synthetic materials and in very bright neon colours. We wanted it to be a comfortable, casual and calm look in colours that could also be matched into the normal collection as basics for layering and worn at home on those days where you just want to BE. Braintree Clothing Be Collection What has been your favourite part of working on the range? My favourite part is always to introduce the new ranges to our wholesale customers and hear their feedback on the ranges. People are always happy and excited when they come to see the new ranges. Also, it can sometimes be quite different from country to country which styles the customers like and what they believe they will sell well in their shops so it’s interesting to get and compare the feedback. Braintree Clothing Be Collection How are you feeling now that the collection has been launched? When the collection is launched and our wholesale customers take delivery in their independent shops and clothing boutiques they often call me to tell what is flying off the shelves and it’s always interesting to see if what is selling in the shops is also what they thought would sell. It seems the BE range is just getting more and more popular each season and I think it’s because people can wear it both for exercising but also as part of their normal wardrobe as it is so fashionably designed. What's your 'must-have' piece and how would you wear it? My favourite piece from the BE range this Autumn Winter would without a doubt in my mind be the Kaya Batwing oversized poncho. It’s made from a soft mix of organic cotton and hemp knitwear and I would wear it with one of our ultra soft and comfortable Bamboo Basics Tees underneath to create a layering effect. Then I would style it with the Dashka Slacks at home or over a pair of skinny jeans when going out. Braintree Clothing Be Collection What's your top tip for dressing in the BE collection? When dressing in the BE collection I don’t really have a specific rule as all the styles can be used both going out and at home depending on what other items you style it with. When going to my yoga classes or relaxing at home I wear an entire outfit of BE styles as they’re just so incredibly comfy and soft. I LIVE in my Dashka Slacks at home! And then when going out I pick items from the BE range to mix with my “normal” wardrobe and create a casual look this way. Braintree Clothing Be Collection Thank you Rikke! How would you wear the Braintree BE loungewear collection? Comment below! Shop the new Braintree BE collection here. Posted by Jo

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