Behind the Seams of the BE Collection...

Btree Sarah
In our Braintree BE collection you'll find perfect pieces for relaxing, yoga, the gym, practicing pilates or simply curling up on the sofa. All of these styles have been cut to relax in and are made of softest, most gorgeous yarns including organic cotton, rayon and recycled polyester. We caught up with Braintree designer, Sarah, to discover more about the ethical leisurewear collection... If you could describe the BE collection in 3 words, what would you say? Comfortable, soft and stylish. Where did you get your inspiration from? From what we want to be wearing while doing yoga, kicking around at home in and generally just mucking around in. Ethical Loungewear Collection What has been your favourite part of working on the BE collection? It’s been great to be able to offer a small capsule range. It’s something we have been wanting to do a for a while, so it’s good that we have finally delivered it and we have been getting a great response from the customers on it. Who do you picture wearing the collection? We try our best to create pieces that will appeal to a large audience. It’s important that we want to wear it, our mums would wear it and also we have a few key customers we always imagine the garments in too. Behind the Seams of the BE Collection... What’s special about the fabrics used? They are all a beautiful mix of organic cotton and hemp, bamboo, rayon and recycled polyester. Which means they breath nicely and are soft against the skin.
Behind the Seams of the BE Collection...
What is the most difficult part of the design process? Probably colouring up the range, it’s really important to get it 100% right, or else you end up with a nightmare of a range that doesn’t work back with each other. Which is your favourite piece from the collection and why? Haisla Fleece, the print and the cosiness of it. What can we expect to see in the future BE collections? We are planning to bring in more prints to the BE collection and a few new fabrications. Thank you Sarah! Which is your favourite piece from the new BE collection? Shop the BE collection here. With Love

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