This week, we asked our Twitter followers if they'd discovered any Braintree gifts under their Christmas tree this year... It soon became clear that our bamboo socks were the most popular present with everyone this Christmas! So we thought we'd put together a few of the lovely posts we've seen on Twitter and Instagram... Leah Crane@leahclimb "Bamboo socks! The comfiest ever!!" Bamboo Socks José@the1likejose "My wife loves these bamboo socks, they're soft as you like!" Mens Bamboo Socks @laariesclaire "Winter socks ☺️❄️" Winter Socks Cara@Caaarah "Bet nobody else got socks made from bamboo for Christmas." Bamboo Socks Headington Fairtrade@windmillshop "Any advance on 3, unrelated visitors all wearing bamboo socks?" Bamboo Socks Bethany Cornell@bacornell "Look at these bad boys, 75% bamboo." Bamboo Socks @lolasvegas "I love my new #bamboosocks! Essential for winter #braintree #cocooning" Bamboo socks @kala18 "Super comfy winter socks! #braintree #bamboosocks" Pink Bamboo Socks Annabel @annabel0195 "Bamboo socks are the most incredible things! My feet are so cosy!" Bamboo Socks @laariesclaire "How could I resist something so #soft, #fashionable, #cute, #ecofriendly and #awesome?!" Bamboo Socks Thank you all so much for your Tweets, Instagrams, and recommendations! As always, we try and prepare ourselves for the 'Christmas rush' on our bamboo socks, however we did manage to sell out of most styles yet again this year. Although, we're pleased to say we have now re-stocked on our Hearties socks, Autumn Stripe Socks, and Bouquet socks, and we'll be getting our fabulous new collection in early February so please keep your eyes peeled! Shop our Super Sock collection here. Posted by Jo

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