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Care For Your Denim With Clothes Doctor

To celebrate the launch of our #DENIMKIND collection, we have partnered with Clothes Doctor, who give us some valuable tips on caring for your denim, to make it last even longer. Clothes Doctor was founded by Lulu O'Connor in 2017, and is a platform to help people extend the life of their clothes through cleaning, altering, protecting and repairing. Clothes Doctor believe that these fundamental skills are something we have lost touch with in the Western World, as we have become far too familiar with the likes of fast fashion and throw-away culture. Clothes Doctor offer a range of eco-friendly care products, as well as a repairs workshop where people can send their garments (outside of COVID-19).

We asked Lulu to share some of her top tips for caring for denim, and she shares them here.

Tip #1: Washing

It's no secret that the fashion industry contributes hugely to environmental issues in our world. A huge part of this is not only in the production of the clothing itself, but the after care. Many people just pop things in the washing machine, sometimes multiple times a day, without a second thought for how this could impact the environment. However, the energy used in this process, combined with the volume of water and the release of fibres into the water stream creates a huge issue for our world. Clothes Doctor recommend that denim only needs to be washed once a month, even for your everyday jeans. The more you wash denim, the fabric starts to fade and wear away, shortening the lifespan of your piece. Another top tip is to turn them inside out to prevent the fabric from stiffening. Using a fabric softener can also keep them feeling fresh and new.

Tip #2: Mending

Finding a hole in a pair of jeans doesn't have to mean it's the end of their life. One of the best ways to mend denim is to create a patch over the top; it's a fun activity and looks great! All you need is a small patch, some thread and a needle. You will also need some scissors and a pin to keep your patch in place. Adding a patch strengthens the fabric around the hole in your jeans, giving them a whole new lease of life! Find out more here.

Tip #3: Storing

Making sure clothes are stored well can also play a part in extending their life. Start with finding a clean, cool, dark and dry space to set your clothes up in. If you choose to hang your denim, it is worth investing in some good quality wooden hangers, and make sure there is plenty of space between each garment to allow them to breathe. If you keep denim folded in a draw, lining the draws with tissue paper for added protection. You can even pop a fragrance bag in the draw to keep your pieces smelling fresh.

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