Christmas Games: Time to make your own fun

Turn off phones, gaming devices and TVs and spend some time together - playing classic games that everyone can enjoy. You could even give a board game as a gift. Here are a few of my favourite Christmas games to entertain friends and family over the festive period...  

4 Family Christmas Games

Family Christmas games to play


Everyone, including us, loves this timeless classic. There are a few ways to play it, so we recommend you agree the rules before starting. May we suggest... How to play
  • Divide into two teams. You’ll need a hat or bowl per team.
  • Each team writes 10-20 well-know phrases, or names of books, movies, TV shows, or plays on small pieces of paper. The objective is for each team to describe what’s on the paper (without words) so that the other team can guess what it is.
  • The teams then swap the ‘hats’ over and the game begins.
  • The teams take turns and everyone must take a turn.
  • A point is scored for each correct answer.
The rules
  • No words.
  • No pointing at objects in a room.
  • No lip movements.
  • Only ‘acting out’ words or similar sounding words.
  • Decide on a time frame for guessing so it’s kept fun.
  • The winning team is the team who has the most correct guesses.
Check out this website for all the symbols and signs you might need to brush up on. I am already seeing my inner Una Stubbs emerging (she starred in Give Us a Clue, a televised version of the game).   Family Christmas games to play

The Who Am I Game

This is great for all ages as you can even get the kids to write down their favourite characters/animals. You might want to have a very loose rule about famous people so you’ve all actually heard of them. What you need
  • Post-its (as they stick to your head easily!)
  • Pens
  • A timer or second hand on a watch
  • A large enough hat or container to hold the slips of paper folded in half
How to play
  • You probably need at least 4 people to play this game.
  • Get everyone playing to write down 5–10 names on post-it notes. Fold these in half and then place in a hat or bowl.
  • Each person takes out a post-it and sticks it on the forehead of the person next to them.
  • Agree who starts and how long they have to guess their name – I’d suggest three minutes.
  • They then have to very speedily ask lots of questions to work who they are, starting with the phrase, ‘Am I..’ For example, am I male? Am I a pop star? I am alive, etc.
  • If they guess in the time they score 1 point and then it is the next persons turn.
  • The winner is the person with most correct guesses once all the names have run out.
  Family Christmas games to play

The Annual Newspaper Crossword or Quiz

My family and I have a lot of fun after lunch, and before indulging in more festive food, competing with each other to at least get one correct answer in the Christmas Quiz on Christmas Day. The questions are usually a round up of everything throughout the year - from current affairs and news stories to sport, and even a few music and celebrity questions. It keeps everyone interested. My favourite is one is from The Independent, though you can download lots of online. Check out this one or this one. Good luck!   Family Christmas games to play

Dig out Monopoly or good-old Trivial Pursuit

I remember years (or Christmas’) full of these, but somehow it seems to have worn off a little bit in our house. This year I’m going to dust of my very old monopoly and get the teenagers involved in some property decisions. The other thing I’m planning is to give my family a new board game like Pictionary, Articulate, Taboo or Cranium. They’re all a bit more straight forward, a lot of fun and don’t last until the early hours of the morning.   Please do share with us your family traditions and Christmas games; we love hearing what’s happening in the houses of our readers – all over the world. Any more importantly, have a very Merry Christmas. bthoughtful-blog-emmas-suppporting-others-this-Xmas-post-5

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