Amongst our marketing, digital and design teams, we are constantly sharing inspiration and our weekly favourites as we strive to inspire and educate each other on new topics every day! It's about time we start sharing our thoughts with the world.


We hosted a lunchtime screening of Netflix's Our Planet today in celebration of it's premiere and the return of Sir David to our screens. David Attenborough is someone we as a brand have always looked up to as someone using their immense influence to better the world and everyone living in it. Last night at the Natural History Museum premiere event he said "Nature once determined how we survive. Now we determine how nature survives.",
The natural world is not just nice to have - it fundamentally matters to each
and every one of us.

Follow Jessica AKA The Woodland Wife is a writer based in Kent who posts natural, slow living inspiration as well as tried and tested sustainability tips. She gets real on all sorts of topics beyond eco-living. She recently posted about her mental health post-partum which hit home for a lot of women, we need more people posting about real issues.

Read Our Creative Director, Rachel recently read Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari; "it is blowing my mind. It is a historical / contextual account of the human race’s history on the planet". This is one read that has now been passed around the office.

Look Giving us ultimate bath time inspo, Rebecca from Malmo and Moss.

Listen An album that's been on repeat at Thought HQ is When I Get Home, Solange's sophomore record.

Go Ralph and Rice Integrating sustainable living throughout your life can often be a learnt thought process. Until we came across this eco hair salon. Small changes in your life, like swapping out hair care to products and processes that are friendly to the environment. So many women we know struggle What have you been loving this week? Meet us in the comments...

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