DIY Eco Fabric Kindle Cover This easy, one hour project works well for any electronic e-reader or tablet and can be made using any fabric of your choice. This homemade pocket-style pouch is perfect for keeping my Kindle scratch-free whilst carrying it around in my handbag; as well as being a great way to recycle old clothing or fabric. Here's a step by step guide on how to make your own simple fabric Kindle cover... DIY Eco Fabric Kindle Cover Here's what you'll need... 13" x 7" of thick fabric 3" of ribbon or extra fabric 1 Button Scissors Tape measure Needle and matching threads To create my fabric Kindle cover, I chose a piece of 100% organic cotton patterned fleece fabric, left over from the production of the Braintree Haisla Fleece. As well as being lovely and soft, this is also quite a thick fabric, so it'll provide some extra protection, and is also quite stretchy so my Kindle fits nice and snug. Although the measurements stated above are for the standard Kindle, this tutorial can also be used for your Kindle Fire, Keyboard Kindle or new Kindle Paperwhite. This homemade fabric Kindle cover was stitched by hand, however you could also use a sewing machine if you preferred. DIY Eco Fabric Kindle Cover Here's how to make our fabric kindle cover... 1. To measure out your fabric, simply lay your Kindle on top of your fabric and cut it so it has an extra 8mm at the top and bottom for the height, and approximately two and half of your Kindle in width. 2. Flip your fabric over, with the 'outside' of your pouch facing down, and sew a 5mm hem all the way around the edge in matching thread. 3. Flip your fabric over again, so the 'outside' of your fabric is facing up, and fold it up to the width of your kindle to create your pouch (fold it up 14.5 cm for an original Kindle). 4. Stitch along the two edges of your pouch, and turn it inside out so that the stitching is nicely hidden on the inside. DIY Eco Fabric Kindle Cover 5. Stitch on your ribbon to the centre of the fabric flap to create a loop. 6. Finally, position your button and sew onto the middle of your pouch. DIY Eco Fabric Kindle Cover With Christmas not too far away, these easy-to-make fabric e-reader covers would also made a thoughtful and personal homemade gift. You could always try using one print on the outer cover, and another for inner cover - go wild! For more creative DIY projects, check out our Pinterest page @btreeclothing. With Love, Jo x

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