How to Recover a Lamp Shade with Fabric DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover Updating an old lamp shade is a great way to brighten up a corner as well as recycling unwanted fabric or clothes at the same time. Add a custom touch to a plain lamp shade with fabric that coordinates with your room's decor. Gather together the shade, fabric, scissors, glue, and trim, and you're half way there! Follow our simple instructions below for a one-of-a-kind lamp shade... DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover Here's what you'll need... Lampshade Fabric Fabric Pen Scissors Fabric glue or spray Paintbrush (optional) Tape measure (optional) DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover Here's what you need to do... 1. Place the lamp shade on its side, leaving enough room to roll the shade over the fabric. We've chosen to use our eco fibre Kiki print fabric, left over from our Spring collection, but you can use the fabric from any unwanted top, dress or even patterned leggings. 2. Starting at the seam of the lamp shade, mark 2cm from top and bottom edges of the shade onto the back of the fabric (being careful not to get any pen marks on the lamp shade!) DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover 3. Carefully roll the shade along the fabric, marking 2cm from the top and bottom edges of the shade until you get to the seam again (...using a tape measure if needed!) 4. Cut out the fabric using the outline you've drawn on the back, test fit the fabric on the shade, and trim the edges if necessary. DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover 5. Cover your work surface with newspaper or other protective covering. Spray the wrong side of the fabric with the fabric spray or fabric glue to the back of the fabric (using a paintbrush if preferred). 6. Beginning at the seam area of the lampshade, lay the shade on one edge of fabric and carefully roll it, and continue smoothing the material on the shade, lightly stretching and smoothing until the whole shade is covered. DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover 7. Snip into the top and bottom of the fabric so that it can curl around the lampshade spokes, if needed. 8. Smooth down all areas of fabric and allow the glue to dry for at least 24 hours before using the lamp. DIY Fabric Lampshade Cover TOP TIP! Decorate the top and bottom edges to achieve a finished look, or try adding a band of braid, ribbon, lace, beads, or fringe. You may also like... DIY Decoupage Wine Bottle or DIY Patchwork Cushion Cover. Posted by Jo

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