DIY How to decoupage a wine bottle As part of National Recycling Week 2014 we're posting our favourite DIY upcycling projects using simple items found around the home. This easy decoupage tutorial is a simple and effective way to recycle glass bottles or jars and create beautiful, unique decorations for your home or office... The perfect way to use up those empty wine bottles and scraps of pretty paper you've been keeping! DIY How to decoupage a wine bottle Here's what you'll need... Scraps of colourful, patterned paper Clear glass bottles or jars Craft glue Soft bristle paintbrush Scissors (optional) DIY How to decoupage a wine bottle Here's how to make them... 1. Wash your glass bottle or jar by soaking it in hot water and peeling off any labels. Then leave to dry. 2. Gather your scraps of patterned paper... This could be different wrapping paper, tissue paper, greeting cards, magazine cut-outs, pretty notepad paper or book pages. 3. Working quickly, brush on a thin layer of glue onto a section of the glass surface using a soft bristle paint brush. DIY How to decoupage a wine bottle 4. Use the same paint brush to pick up a piece of teared paper - to save you getting any glue on your hands (You can tear up all your paper beforehand, or use scissors if preferred!) DIY How to decoupage a wine bottle 5. Place the paper onto glass, and smooth out the creases by applying another layer of glue over the top. DIY How to decoupage a wine bottle 6. Continue adding your paper cut-outs until the bottle is completely covered. Then leave it to dry for 1-2 hours. DIY How to decoupage a wine bottle TOP TIP! If you have trouble with creases or bubbles, don't paint over the paper until the glue on the back has dried. This will minimize bubbling and wrinkling. You can also experiment with just applying a small cut out floral design, painting over the top, or even adding other embellishments such as lace, flowers or ribbon. What have you been upcycling during National Recycling Week? Comment below :) Posted by Jo

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