DIY Painted Jars At our recent Spring/Summer 2014 photoshoot we completely fell in love with this beautiful floral display. The assortment of different shaped vases, the hand-painted detail, and the wild freshly picked flowers; a rustic look we thought we would attempt to recreate at home! Don't underestimate the power of flowers. Not only do they brighten up a space, but they add life and give positive energy to a room. This DIY project is perfect for creating matching accessories for your home, or unique centrepieces at a wedding. Here's what you'll need... Jars of different shapes and sizes Acrylic paint A paintbrush Freshly cut flowers DIY Painted Glass Jars Project Step One: Wash your glass jars so that they are clean and ready for painting. Step Two: Depending on the finish you'd like to achieve, paint the outside or inside of your jars (It's a little trickier to do, but by painting the inside of the glass, the vases will have a glossier finish). Step Three: Allow the vases to completely dry overnight. Step Four: Fill up the jars up with water and arrange your flowers. TOP TIP... If you have painted the inside of your jars, some paint may erode if the vases are filled with water for a long period of time. Simply line the inside with a clear plastic bag to prevent this happening! DIY Painted Glass Jars Project Be creative with your display and use unconventional vases, recycled jars, light bulbs - whatever you can find. Experiment with decorating jars with ribbon, string, beaded jewellery, or your own hand-painted designs if you're particularly arty! Of course, Pinterest is full of inspiring ideas on how to use recycled jars to create floral displays in your home. Here's a few of our favourite images... Pinterest Recycled Jars Flower Vases All images are sourced here. We'd love to see your DIY projects! Please comment below or tweet us your pictures @btreeclothing With Love, Jo x

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