National Recycling Week 2014 kicks off today aiming to help raise awareness of recycling across the UK. To celebrate, all this week we'll be posting our favourite do-it-yourself projects made from recycling materials in your home. First up is our easy patchwork cushion cover tutorial... How to make your own patchwork cushion cover with recycled fabrics Recycled Fabric DIY Patchwork Cushion Cover Adding new cushions to a piece of furniture can really lift a room and make it seem like new. This simple hand-stitched cushion cover tutorial makes a lovely little decoration and the perfect craft for using up your bag of old material or recycling your old clothes. With very little cash and just a little time and effort you can have fabulous new cushions that not only look great, but are real originals. Recycled Fabric DIY Patchwork Cushion Cover Here's what you'll need to make a 50cm x 50cm cushion cover... 8 squares of 29cm x 29cm fabric Tape measure Fabric scissors Needle & thread Pins Iron Recycled Fabric DIY Patchwork Cushion Cover Here's how to make your cushion... 1. Choose your fabric. If you are new to sewing, you might find it easier to use a cotton based fabric, but if you are more experienced you can choose any fabric, including old curtains, blankets, clothes and jumpers… In fact, any scraps you can get your hands on! 2. Cut your fabric. With the cushion fabric chosen, use your fabric sissors and tape measure to cut it into eight equal size squares (29cm x 29cm if you're making a 50cm x 50cm cushion cover) Recycled Fabric DIY Patchwork Cushion Cover 3. Sow the squares. Finally we get sewing! With 1cm seam allowances, sew two lots of two squares with a simple running stitch and iron. Then sew along the middle seam, with a 1cm seam allowance, to make a square of four. Then repeat to make another set of four squares. (To make life easier, iron your squares every time you've sewn two together; flat fabric is a lot simpler to work with!) 4. Sow the two sides. Lay the two sets of four squares together. Pin and stitch around 3 of the outer edges with a 1cm seam allowance. Recycled Fabric DIY Patchwork Cushion Cover 5. Stuff the cushion. After sewing up three sides of the cushion, it’s time to stuff the middle. Turn your cover inside out, give it a quick iron if needed and insert the cushion pad or filling. 6. Sow up the top. Once the cushion is filled, fold in the remaining open edges and stitch it up to finish it. Recycled Fabric DIY Patchwork Cushion Cover Top tip! Create a memory cushion using smaller sqaures of fabrics from old garments that mean something to you. The materials used to create the pictured cushion were sample fabrics or left over outcuts from the Braintree Bohemian Summer collection, including our Koyari print fabric, Kanchi Viola fabric and Paisley Park print fabric. Posted by Jo

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