You might have noticed we've been busy pinning lots of vertical gardening inspiration over on Pinterest. It's a really creative way to brighten up small indoor spaces, balconies or anywhere you like. Here are a few of my favourite ideas that I've spotted so far... diy vertical plant hanger I really love macramé plant hangers - they're a great way to add some green to the home and are perfect for growing herbs or even your own edible flowers. They're simple to make and also a good idea if you like to give homemade gifts. I gave creating one a go, using three small plants and some string. Go grab that pretty twine you've been saving and get crafting with my easy step-by-step tutorial… diy vertical plant hanger

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger Tutorial

You Will Need 3 plant pots 3 plants & compost (if not already potted) 24 metres of string, yarn or rope A metal key ring hoop Tape measure Scissors DIY Vertical Plant Hanger Tutorial How To 1. Begin by cutting six pieces of string, each measuring 400cm. 2. Fold the first piece of string in half and loop the folded end around your key ring hoop. Tie the string together in a knot 2-3cm down from the key ring. One by one, repeat this step with each piece of string. diy vertical plant hanger 3. Separate the strands into six sections, with two strands per section. Tie one section into a knot about 15cm down from the key ring. Repeat with the other five sections. 4. Tie one section into a knot about 5cm down from the previous knot. Repeat with your next section, however hook one strand through the loop you've just created. Continue this until you reach the last section of string, which needs to hook through your previous loop, as well as the first loop you created. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger Tutorial 5. Repeat step 4 and then tie all of your strands together into one tight knot, leaving a 5cm gap from your previous knots, which will form the base for the plant pot. 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 again, leaving a 15cm distance between the knots, to create the holder for your 2nd plant pot. 7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 one more time, again leaving a 15cm gap. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger Tutorial 8. Cut off any excess string from the bottom of your hanger to get an even tassel. 9. Finally, place your potted plants carefully inside the plant holder and hang it up on a hook. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger Tutorial

My Top Tip:

Try mixing up plant pot sizes, colours and textures. You can also use coloured string or rope to match your decor, or add beads and plaits for a more decorative, unique design. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger Tutorial Don't forget to tag us in your vertical garden creations on Twitter or Instagram - we'd love to see them! Jo x Inspiration images sourced via Pinterest here.

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