Embrace Earth Day with us - Friday 22nd April

Earth Day Ideas 2016 | Braintree Clothing Being a sustainable fashion brand, we’re big believers in looking out for the planet year-round. Though with Earth Day this Friday, we’re keen to see what else we can do and want you to get involved! Here’s a few easy ways you can. This round-up below includes things to make, things to do and all of them include the ethos of upcycling, recycling and ultimately, lowering your impact on the planet. Over to you...  

Our Top Earth Day Ideas

Earth Day Ideas 2016

Victoria's upcycled tote bag tutorial

Victoria’s got lots of brilliant, upcycling ideas on her blog Found and Sewn, and this one was one she shared with us right here on BTHOUGHTFUL. You don’t have to use shirts – you could probably use old bed linen. Or if you’ve more time, you could even piece-and-patch lots of scraps together so to make your own fabric that’s big enough – you’d really be using things up!   Earth Day Ideas 2016

Thoughtful ways to recycling your socks

This one’s a fun way to get kids involved and you could talk them through why it’s important to recycle, while making something fun for them to play with. Along with the Sock Puppets, you’ll also find some super-easy ways to transform socks into something to spruce up your home – for nothing.   Earth Day Ideas 2016

Make your own: bird feeder

A great idea if you’d like to bring more wildlife to your garden, or if you simply want to reuse old drinks bottles. Have a look how to do it here.   Earth Day Ideas 2016

Make your own: DIY face masks

If you’ve seen some of my posts before, you’ll know I’m really into my DIY beauty. The amazing thing about it is that you can usually put together something from things you’ve already got at home – and they’re more often than not brilliant for your skin. I love using coconut oil as a moisturiser, and I also try out a lot of masks at home – these ones are some of the best I’ve made so far if you’d like to try them.   Earth Day Ideas 2016

And more...

Our Top 10 Planet-Pleasing Tips have good ideas on how to save energy, water and plastic. Have a read and let us know if you give them a go – maybe you have some suggestions? We’d love to hear them if so. Share your Earth Day ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter. Earth Day Ideas by Jo

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