Starting Afresh: Easy ideas you can embrace

Maybe you made some New Year’s resolutions, maybe you didn’t... but as mid-January approaches, it’s as good a time as any to check in on how you’re doing, or even set new goals – it’s never too late. To help give you a few ideas, we spoke to Emma Mills, our BTHOUGHTFUL friend who shares lots of motivational thinking on her self-titled site. Here she is with her take on starting afresh or sticking to your New Year you... Starting Afresh in the New Year Still feeling like you’ve over indulged over the last few weeks? That’s okay. One of my favourite teachers used to say that all effective action happens in the present moment, taken by a person who is acting from a place of clarity and acceptance, rather than a guilty, frantic panic. So however much you've over indulged, now is the time to wipe the slate clean, with acceptance, and start from a blank slate.  

My key guidelines for starting afresh this New Year.

1. Before you start cutting things out and adding things in take the opportunity to listen in to your body. What are the sensations of having over indulged? What is now in surplus? What is now needed? You might feel a sense of wanting to move, or wanting fresh air. You might feel sense of wanting to rest and repose, or a desire to give the digestive system a rest for a few days. I believe this is far better than following a strict detox plan or what not. You need to know what you need.   2. Start a meditation practice. This could be for just five minutes a day. Here’s a link to one I recently created for RED Magazine: There’s also a simple introductory audio guide as part of my new RELISH mindful eating which you can find out more about here. This will help you stay focused, calm and patient while remaining in tune with your needs.   3. All good things start with some kind of list. Perhaps that’s a grocery shopping list, a new fitness regime or a mindful eating plan. Map out your priorities, and link your healthy eating regime out in line with those.   4. Watch habits unwind patiently. Sometimes over Christmas you can get into new habits. Like watching TV, eating sweets or getting up late. Habits that you don't usually do during the non-festive period. As you start to phase yourself out of these, be patient with yourself. We can be creatures of habit and even if it was just for a week, we do get used to being a certain way. Starting Afresh in the New Year 5. Continue doing some of the things you only do at Christmas. Like arts and crafts, cooking, walking, reading, sending cards to loved ones, catching up on the phone with old friends in Australia and getting into sport. As you start gearing up for the post indulgence come down, take a note of all the things you've done and loved this festive season – and carry them on with into the New Year.   All good wishes for 2016!” Emma Mills: Starting Afresh in the New Year

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