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Thoughtful Travel: Top Tips from our Team

As a sustainable fashion label, we're always looking for ways to protect the environment and tread lightly on our planet, making a special effort to conserve energy and reduce our emissions wherever possible. It does means we have a little more careful planning to do when putting together our collections, but we feel it's more than worth it. So much so, that we try to incorporate this thoughtful philosophy when making our own travel plans. Here, the Braintree team share some of our favourite eco-friendly travel tips... Sustainable Eco-Friendly Travel

Our Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

  "Always try to book with independent or specialist travel providers. They tend to have a more in-depth knowledge of the area you’re travelling to and stronger relationship with the locals." - Steph   "For destinations further afield, remember you can always offset your carbon emissions. If it's not offered as an option by your airline, there are many companies dedicated to helping you become carbon neutral." - Simon   Eco-Friendly Travel "Take only pictures. Leave only footprints. I love this maxim and feel it’s so important in helping to ensure the same experiences are available to the next generation." - Emma   "Before you leave home, be sure to double check that everything is switched off and that your heating is turned down to avoid wasting energy while you’re away." - Fran   Eco-Friendly Travel "Try to be sensitive to local communities by observing what's important to them. If you're in a drought stricken area, take shorter showers and request new towels and linens only as required." - Rachel   "Try holidaying more locally, in the UK. It will save all of the time, stress and hassle of dealing with airports and you'll be helping to support local businesses too." - Abby   Eco-Friendly Travel If you've got some helpful, eco-friendly travel tips of your own, we would love to hear them! Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter. Rhiannon x

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