Fairtrade jewellery favourites in Camden

We recently took a trip to the Braintree Hemp Store at Camden Lock to learn more about the in-store Fair Trade jewellery collections. The unique, handcrafted pieces include bold statement necklaces, bright colourful beads, and chunky bracelets; made from natural materials by carefully selected, environmentally-aware partners. jewellery-2 We chatted to Braintree's Phillipa to discover more about the newest collection, her favourite pieces, and more about how the jewellery is made. jewellery-3 What's new in the jewellery range? "We have a lovely new collection of Nkuku handmade jewellery. Nkuku is socially responsible, environmentally aware brand, specialising in eco-friendly, fairly traded jewellery. Nkuku aim to promote and develop the traditional skills of artisans, who have challenging living standards and restricted opportunities, bringing their work to the UK market, whilst promoting fair trade and equal opportunity." jewellery-4 Which is your favourite jewellery piece? "Our favourite jewellery piece at the moment is this Iris Bead Rose necklace from Nkuku. Made with stunning oversized beads in soft rose hues and complemented with a pretty sage coloured ribbon. We think it looks great teamed with our Kiki Print Dress from the Braintree Spring Collection and the matching Iris Bead Rose bracelet." beads Why is fair trade jewellery important? "There is a dark side to the jewellery industry... A huge amount of the inexpensive jewellery available on the high street is made using child labour. Unfortunately child labour is common in the jewellery industry as the wages are much lower and small hands are often better suited to creating intricate pieces. Therefore it's important to us to work with jewellery suppliers who are socially responsible and support fair trade. This ensures that each beautiful hand-crafted jewellery piece is made with love by people who are treated with respect." beads-2 The in-store range also includes our whole Braintree Clothing collection, hemp bags, hemp chocolate, tea, twine, oil, body care products and much more. With Love

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