Fashion Revolution Day 2015 #fashrev

Each year, on the 24th April, the world remembers the 2013 Rana Plaza tragedy with Fashion Revolution Day and a light is shone on garment manufacture around the globe. While we don't produce in Bangladesh, we feel it's important to address and support growing consumer awareness about who makes our clothes. Fashion Revolution Day 2015 Braintree is a company built on its commitment to people and the environment, proving that sustainability, ethics and success needn't be mutually exclusive. We're proud to say that we still work with the same handful of dedicated factories that we did in our humble beginnings. As specialists in hemp and bamboo fibre production, China was an obvious choice for us and over the past twenty years we have cultivated long-lasting relationships with our factories in the Far East to ensure our vision and values are shared. It is therefore of top priority that our manufacturers operate in a way that ensures workers are provided with voluntary employment in safe and healthy conditions, free from harassment and discrimination. Braintree Bamboo Farm - Fashion Revolution Day 2015 From here in the UK we work hard to maintain open channels of communication between our London head office and operations in China, with regular visits and conference calls to the factories where our fabrics and garments are produced. We also consider the impacts that our design decisions may have on manufacturing. By continuing to use our much-loved sustainable fabrics, including bamboo, hemp and organic cotton, we support the development of our sustainable fibre suppliers through continued partnerships and repeat business. Additionally, our designers are dedicated to producing original, yet timeless pieces rather than chasing each fleeting trend. This means that by releasing a few, select collections each year, we allow for suitable lead times to ensure our factories can support ethical manufacture, while also deliver on customer satisfaction. Braintree Bamboo Farm - Fashion Revolution Day 2015 We at Braintree are proud of our suppliers and their efforts towards sustainability and producing sustainable materials. What’s more, our customers tell us time and time again how much they love our fabrics and designs. It's rewarding and great to know that our clothes can be made ethically, fairly and be enjoyed every day. Fashion Revolution Day 2015 This Friday (24.04.15), we will be wearing our clothes inside-out for all to see the labels and where they were made. We urge you to join us in this small, yet thoughtful contribution towards honouring the lives lost in 2013, and to raise awareness of the importance of ethical manufacture. #FASHREV #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES John

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