Sometimes we all get a bit stuck in a rut - whether its recycling recipes week-on-week or running low of motivation when it comes to exercise. To help you with both of these (and everything in-between!) we've rounded up four brilliant lifestyle blogs. Read on for lots of ways to put an extra spring in your step...

Our favourite lifestyle blogs

Our favourite four healthy living lifestyle blogs

1. Wholeheartedly Healthy

What is it about? Holistic life coach, blogger and self-proclaimed lover of red lipstick, Laura writes about how to live healthily yet to the full. Her blog documents her own continuous 'live healthier' journey and offers support and motivation for others seeking to rediscover their 'sparkle'. Why you should read it... Laura's own journey is incredibly inspirational. It's extremely encouraging to read of her ability to recognise that living healthily does not necessarily mean being skinny. Her blog is full of tasty, well-balanced recipes including soups, salads and sweet treats. Proof that eating well needn't mean you have to miss out on taste or the occasional slice of cake. Don't miss... Her antioxidant rich matcha tea, mango and sesame green smoothie recipe. Like Jo, Laura turns to these green smoothies for an essential veg top-up. Visit the blog Our favourite four healthy living lifestyle blogs

2. Living in the light today

What is it about? Author of Living In The Light, Heather, focuses on "sharing health, happiness, harmony and hope". You'll find topics spanning across healthy, beauty, exercise and lots of recipes and beauty remedies for you to give a go at home. Why you should read it... Her posts delve beyond the recipes and into thought provoking subjects. These centre on everything from how to live more in the moment, increasing your positivity, and being thankful for what you already have. Don't miss... Heather’s DIY Peppermint Foot Salve. Just the thing for getting winter toes sandal-ready. Visit the blog Our favourite four healthy living lifestyle blogs

3. Jennifer Makes

What is it about? This is the site for you if you'd like to rev-up your recipe repertoire! Jennifer is a graphic designer with a huge appreciation of good food. She started this 'food diary' to share how the right, fresh ingredients can boost energy levels and ease the transition from processed 'fast' foods to healthier choices. Why you should read it... Jennifer makes each and every recipe herself, with lots of innovative ideas that are suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans. Don't miss... Her recipe for the Orange Cacao Bliss Balls. I’m a huge fan of the American website Detoxinista’s interpretations of these and love the idea of adding orange for an extra twist. Visit the blog Our favourite four healthy living lifestyle blogs

4. Choosing Raw

What is it about? Gena, the mind behind Choosing Raw, is something of a raw food advocate. She shares brilliant ideas that make it easy to use more fresh ingredients, as well as the triumphs and obstacles she’s overcome along the way. Why you should read it... As well as lots of delicious recipe ideas, Gena helps to raise awareness of nutrition and its importance. You can choose to simply absorb the tips and tricks she shares in her posts or contact her for a free one-to-one consultation. Don't miss... Thoughtful posts that encourage a healthy mind frame, including a post that affirms that it's OK to 'order off menu' when eating out, and another which champions letting go when things don't go to plan. Visit the blog Our favourite four healthy living lifestyle blogs Are there any lifestyle blogs you read regularly? Let me know; I'd love to hear from you. Clare x

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